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Earthen Sighs (Expanded Edition)

Earthen Sighs (Expanded Edition)

(Duplicated CD)
  • Von Icily Polite
  • Version 18.08.2010
  • Musikgenre Rock
  • Medienformat CD
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Preis 11,64 €


The Icily Polite is a nine-piece, fictional animated band from Seattle, Washington. Formerly known as KrispyKon before a name change, they strive to make creative, original music from their home studio and to, somehow, catch the ear of the world. 'The idea behind [Earthen Sighs] was simple: make an album out of whatever comes to mind, in as short of time as possible. From late June to early August 2010 we did just that, arriving with a product that, despite our greatest efforts, cannot be described in just a few words. We used everything - acoustic guitars, electric guitars with vast pedalboards, acoustic drums, drum machines, bass guitars, bass synthesizers, modular synthesizers, timpanis, pianos, a vibraphone, samplers, turntables, Hammond organs, all sorts of small percussion, a full orchestra, a ukelele - everything that came to mind for every track. On top of that are our harmonies and the enigmatic, poetic lyrics of our frontman Fa_Sha, who always seems to envelop both the beauty of nature, the darker side to society and a relentless commitment to human, animal and environmental rights. This album isn't just a piece of music, there's something enchanted about it... The songs, diverse as they are, seem to counterbalance each other in such a way that each one adds meaning to the last. Like I said, we did everything: time signatures are uncountable at times, the layers of percussion drive thick through many tracks and the raw tone of the multiple guitars or synthesizers or voices or whatever it is will have you noticing something new each listen. From the underground hip-hop swagger of the opening track 'Suburban Pledge' to the grating industrial alternative sound of 'Fireworks (Stars in Blue)' to the latin jazz of 'La Luna' to the endall half-asleep-in-the-jungle acoustic feel of 'An Edge Takes Shape,' the album's closer, the entire album is a display of musicianship and appreciation for what music is at the root. Please, enjoy a listen. We know you'll find something you'll like.' -Chris Chrippled, bassist, The Icily Polite Track overview: 1. Suburban Pledge - Swaggering underground hip-hop about suburban streets at night. 2. Around the Lake - Just a voice and an ukelele, with enigmatic, quizzical lyrics. 3. Paper Song - Alternative pop manifesto, featuring fast jumping tempo. 4. Fireworks (Stars in Blue) - Politically liberal; grating industrial alternative rock. 5. La Luna - Latin jazz, sung in Spanish. 6. Seagreen Light - Equally enigmatic lyrics and a peaceful beat, swelling to an explosive ending. 7. Ethereal - A voice and an orchestra blend together. Expanded Edition bonus tracks: 8. Concrete - Grating math-rock with INCREDIBLE four-part harmonies. 9. Seagreen Light (acoustic demo) - Stripped-down version of track 6. 10. Healthcare - Hardcore breakcore rave acid electronic music. Listen if you're into any of those. 11. An Edge Takes Shape - Half-asleep acoustic closer with midnight bugs buzzing in the background.


Künstler: Icily Polite
Titel: Earthen Sighs (Expanded Edition)
Genre: Rock
Attribute: Duplicated CD
Release-Datum: 18.08.2010
Etikett: CD Baby
Medienformat: CD
UPC: 884502751789
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