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Hey Guy

Hey Guy

  • Von Hey Guy
  • Version 01.02.2011
  • Musikgenre Rock
  • Medienformat CD
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Case File: Hey Guy Chief Perpetrators: Boris Pelekh; Leo Pelekh Corroborators: Jacob Hertzog, Tommy Shull and Tomer Ram. Principle Areas of Activity: New York City The Pelekh brothers have, for the last two years been responsible for a series of acts so bizarre, heinous and unusual that their swift apprehension is of the utmost priority. The group is lately said to be increasing in both activity and public profile. In order to apprehend the suspects, it is helpful to have an idea of their m.o. Briefly put: the band sneaks into crime scenes under cover of bright, taut guitar lines, whip-crack percussion and limber, hard-to-resist melodies. They create a diversion with their warm, winning choruses and have a heart-on-sleeve immediacy that makes easy capture difficult. For points of reference, study the similar techniques of Weezer, Switchfoot and Dashboard Confessional, who share the group's affinity for big, yearning choruses, or the hard, passionate drive of Silversun Pickups. For ease and convenience, a brief overview of their background is outlined in the dossier below. Should you encounter one of the brothers, or any members of the Hey Guy gang, contact your superior officer as soon as possible. Key Facts: 0. The gang has been in training for years. Numerous sources have spotted Boris with a mysterious guitar case as early as age 6. 0. Boris' antics have gotten notice from notorious bandits Third Eye Blind. Gang leader Stephen Jenkins is reported to have said, 'Boris is a great performer...' after having sat by the side of the stage on numerous occasions. 0. Boris and fellow axe-man Jake Hertzog are also presently a part of the still-at-large Naked Brothers Band. During their time with this outfit, they've operated in areas of high civilian concentration: Nassau Coliseum, Irving Plaza, and the Boston, Chicago and Los Angeles' House of Blues. It is known that, while working as a part of this operation, they've made the acquaintances of similarly dangerous criminals: Train and Justin Beiber. 0. On their own, the group has managed to gain entry to both the Blender Theater and New York's Mercury Lounge, where they carried out their devious plan before rooms packed with onlookers. 0. The gang has earned the admiration of a number of criminal masterminds. Among them: the infamous Jimi Haha of Jimmy's Chicken Shack ('one ofthe coolest bands I've played with!') and Gordon Raphael, mentor and producer to now-dormant New York crime syndicate The Strokes. 0. Gang member Jake Hertzog has been spotted operating as a celebrated jazz columnist under the aegis of Guitar Player Magazine. It is thought that this is merely a dignified cover for more sinister activities. 0. The group is now in cahoots with Ron Allaire, who has in the past been spotted fraternizing with Pantera, Keith Richards, Avril Lavigne and Run-DMC. The force that his production expertise could bring to the Hey Guy syndicate is daunting. BE WARNED: The group's actions are already inspiring copycats. Sources claim that international super-villainess Lady Gaga, after seeing the group's sandwichoriented video for 'Are You That Somebody?' was so impressed that she began incorporating sandwiches into her own crimes -- specifically, the job she pulled with co-conspirator Beyonce, known by department code name 'Telephone.'


Künstler: Hey Guy
Titel: Hey Guy
Genre: Rock
Release-Datum: 01.02.2011
Etikett: CD Baby
Medienformat: CD
UPC: 884501410281
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