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Now Printing

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Heinrich Von Ofterdingen has recently written music for a host of titles from Japanese game company. These works evaluated by the universal standard. Finally, this first original album has putted on the market. - Heinrich Von Ofterdingen that chiefly won high appraisal and support from the world such as the United States and Europe starting with a lot of game soundtrack's of which it takes charge having been published in overseas major review site. This is our first 'original' album. All lyrics in English. The philosophy of the new conception is refreshingly sung, and the emotional message turned all over the world of putting on the singing voice with which energy overflows piles up, and enters the space of the mind with a pop, danceable loop while taking it to the element of the mixture, industrial, and the electro and the folkloric music based on the rock. - The flood of the overwhelming sound unfolded with the down tuning guitar that sugiura played and miqui's High-Tention vocals destroyed the frame of genre. I want you to experience this 'Flood of the sound' by all means. It is uprooting 'NOW PRINTING' as for the newest music and feelings. We want you to listen this sound is synchronized with your feeling that is born at this moment just now. NO PAST NO FUTURE ! Do not bind in the past. Do not take a pessimistic view of the future. Look straight at present. Now, your existence that is only here is proof. To all the people who live in now 'NOW PRINTING'. from sugiura (Yuki Sugiura / Guitar & Compose) I create a lot of game OSTs, but my field of activity is not limited to [game music]. I'm seeking a broader field of activity. You could say that the game OSTs are one way to get more people to hear the music of 'Heinrich von Ofterdingen.' Hence, I put my best effort into creating both game OSTs and original works. When composing game music, I focus on the world of that game and aim for a simplicity that allows the player to understand the story through the music and to feel empathy. That being said, the original sound source of [the music that] 'Heinrich von Ofterdingen' will produce from now on won't be limited to these themes. It will have more rock to it and be more exciting. I'm freelance composer and not exclusively affiliated with company. So, in the future, I would like to try and work on foreign games and music soundtracks, if that is possible. The reason why I'm wishing for that is so that people around the globe get the chance to listen to the music of 'Heinrich von Ofterdingen.' Of course, I'd like to perform abroad. I hope that offers from abroad will come. I'm a big fan of American music. Hence, one could say that to me America is the holy land. I would like to take a Heinrich von Ofterdingen CD and perform this album in the US. I'm waiting for people to contact me. It is my strong desire that fans in the US will be able to listen to my music as well. I definitely would like [American fans] to listen to this album, because it has English lyrics and is performed in English. I'm looking forward to the day when [fans in the US] will be able to listen to this album. Present day pop music in Japan is afraid of progress and I'm sensing a standstill. Hence, I think it would be great if we could pioneer and present a new sound and a new style of music. Please support us.


Künstler: Von Ofterdingen Heinrich
Titel: Now Printing
Genre: Rock
Release-Datum: 07.09.2010
Etikett: CD Baby
Medienformat: CD
UPC: 4560314360062
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