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By Each River

By Each River

(Duplicated CD)
  • Von Harvey Brice
  • Version 04.11.2011
  • Musikgenre Folk
  • Medienformat CD
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Harvey Brice - aka Harvey Moon - is a British singer-songwriter living in Buffalo, New York. He started writing songs and poems at age 6 - moving to Bournemouth in his teens where he became part of the local alternative/punk scene, performing in numerous bands where he was recognized as one of the areas top song-writing talents In 2002 Harvey moved to New York City where he began collaborating with US artists and producers including Darren Wilsey, Johathan Mover, Ron Allaire, Mark Rufino and Jeffrey Brayne. During this time he recorded two EPs, Still Bard and Brown-eyed Girl, both available for download on I-tunes. Harvey has written and co-written over 100 songs all with catchy hooks, strong harmonies and melodies but always with an alternative lyrical twist much in the same vane as Nick Cave, REM and the Smiths. After a 5 year hiatus, in 2011 Harvey Brice has started performing again in the Buffalo area and is releasing solo acoustic recording 'By each river' which is really a 'best of' from the last 15 years of his song-writing career. The songs follow his life story from England to his move to New York and is a meditation on life change. The songs cover a broad range of life experiences and gives insight into the mind of the ambitious song-writer as he searches for a home on planet earth. This album includes a special homage to Harvey's grandfather who passed away before getting a chance to see Harvey's songwriting career take off 'Son of a common man'. This song has become an audience favorite at live performances where some say the ghost of Stanley Cotgrove actually appears on stage alongside Harvey. Audience members have reported shadows and phasing and the sounds of a foot tap and a harmonica being played. Also on the album is song 'change' which has been embraced by the eco-community as the anthem for progress and appears in one of the most popular online videos about peak-oil production produced by Nathan Parkin a leading authority on this area of eco-concern. The songs 'won't mind the rain' and 'this is not a love song' reflect on the darker side of English life. In 'won't mind the rain' Harvey sings about leaving England and how each time it rains it will remind him off home, this is both a physical and emotional reference. In 'this is not a love song' Harvey paints a picture of escape from a dark and torrid land where violence, drugs and poverty are rife and contrasts a young couple who choose to leave and give each other strength to do so and a young girl who is trapped and will never escape her life. In songs 'Still can't say I left you' and 'Til the end of time' Harvey let's us see in through a window to his emotions about the women in his life with echoes of relationships past and present. Many of Harvey's songs allude to multiple situations or people, this is true of these two songs which although undecipherable perhaps to the listener cover some 10 years of relationships. This happens again in the song 'I won't turn around' which is dedicated to friends and family Harvey left behind in the UK. The song is about the months before leaving, the night before leaving and even to individuals who had influenced Harvey's move to the USA with their move many years earlier. The songs 'broken road', 'the way things used to be' and 'by each river' speak to the writer's ambition to succeed as a song-writer and sadly his finding that this is a lonely path that often leads us away from our loved ones. 'Broken road' speaks to this directly whereas 'the way things used to be' describes more the underlying foundation of the man who takes these roads. In 'by each river' Harvey invites us all to come along with him, to leave our leaves if they vex us and step out onto the road or push out onto the river. From a lyrical perspective this album is everything you would expect from a career singer-songwriter, there is light and dark, success and failure, love and loss but ultimately through all there is progress and hope. If you are alive, you will relate to this writer's words. Musically the album is deliberately simplistic. Harvey Brice has performed in rock bands, acoustic bands, pop bands - and still does! But for this personal collection of songs Harvey has returned to just him and the guitar. It has taken many years for Harvey to feel able to present a recording like this which is so exposing of his vocal tone and his musicianship with the guitar. What is ironic is that this is exactly how Harvey's music career began years ago back in England playing songs at open mics to an increasingly appreciate crowd. The album you are about to buy is special for another reason. This is a limited edition signed pre-release copy of the full release due in 2012. Each copy is numbered from 1 to 100 - there will be no more copies produced once these are all sold. This is your opportunity to buy something completely unique.


Künstler: Harvey Brice
Titel: By Each River
Genre: Folk
Attribute: Duplicated CD
Release-Datum: 04.11.2011
Etikett: CD Baby
Medienformat: CD
UPC: 885767246232