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  • Von Gordon Earl
  • Version 07.12.2010
  • Musikgenre Children's
  • Medienformat CD
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Looking for new songs to sing your child to sleep with? Play Gordon Earl's album 'The Lullabies' to ease them into their quiet time. Each song has two tracks: tracks one to ten are the originals with vocals and tracks eleven to twenty are the same songs minus voice. Parents, grandparents, caregivers sing the names of their own children over the instrumental version. Kids melt when they hear their names in songs. The songs in this album were designed to sooth excited infants and kids, but they are deep enough also for adults to find interesting and peaceful. Inspired by his grandchildren, Gordon Earl wrote the lullabies in this collection over the course of three years between 2007 and 2010. This genre is a departure from Gordon Earl's previous compositions, normally crossovers between pop-rock, fusion and jazz, and even occasional classical styles. The first song, Devin's Lullaby, still sometimes brings watery eyes to Gordon Earl when he sings it. It is the expression of a guardian's intense feelings of support for their loved one. The second song, Jadon's Lullaby, was actually the first composition in this genre by Gordon Earl, composed to make good on a promise he made to his step-daughter to write her first-born a lullaby. The theme of Jadon's Lullaby is the conflicted feeling between wanting to see their child grow but also fearful wanting to protect their child from the dangers in the world. The third song, Emily's Lullaby, is a haunting melody about a parent's insecurity about being a good parent. My Father's Song, the forth track, is a tribute to Gordon Earl's own father and all fathers' positive influence on their kids. The next song, My Mother's Song, is a tribute to Gordon Earl's mother, and it carries the theme of welcoming infants into the generational legacy of their family. The singer of this song imagines their baby singing this same song to his or her grandchild years in the future. Beatrice's Lullaby is a fun tune describing the playfulness of their child. Mavi's Lullaby is about modeling kindness. It is about helping strangers and making her own folks feel so loved. Sunday With Hans is not technically a lullaby but is a light playful kid's tune. It's placement in this order in the album provides a brief visit back to the beta state before the final two songs escort the listener towards their deeper sleeping delta state. Nico's Lullaby is a melodic story about a child's travel across the world to see family from a different culture. The tenth song is Karen's Lullaby and this passionate lyric is about the feelings of connection between a parent and child beyond words and even space. While these songs are categorized as children's music, adults have enjoyed relaxing to this music during their quiet time as well. We hope you will find these songs as heart warming as we do.


Künstler: Gordon Earl
Titel: Lullabies
Genre: Children's
Release-Datum: 07.12.2010
Etikett: CD Baby
Medienformat: CD
UPC: 884502793734
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