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For the Unutterable

For the Unutterable

  • Von Glacial Burn
  • Version 20.07.2010
  • Medienformat CD
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Love is large. To express it verbally we need to speak obliquely, for love is multi-faceted. It encompasses relationships ranging from parent - child, to friends and lovers. And too, how we feel about pets, music or nature. Each of these relationships tells a different story about love. But the love itself still springs from the same source. The area in which I live has sixty-five mineral water springs, each with it's own mineral composition, it's own flavour, it's own story of the journey it took to the surface from the subterranean basin that is the source of the water for all those springs. It is not difficult to imagine love as the water in that basin and our different tales of love as the springs, same source, different expressions. We may speak of how or why we love someone or something but Love itself is largely beyond words, it is, in essence, unutterable. Before we name our emotions, before we give them stories, they remain undivided and undefined. It is in recognition of the undifferentiated aspects of life, the mystery in Love, in Sorrow, in Beauty and so forth, that 'for the unutterable' was written. The music was composed for piano and string quartet. Each of the singers was invited to choose a piece to vocalise to, and the music was rewritten to varying degrees in response to their contributions.


Titel: For the Unutterable
Release-Datum: 20.07.2010
Etikett: CD Baby
Medienformat: CD
UPC: 0793573737175
Produkt #: 534488X
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