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What an experience this has been! I started out wanting to produce a "demo" CD. But as word got out about what I was up to, many friends encouraged me to go for a full CD; "We want something to take home", they said. One friend, Harolde Savoy said, "I'll help you financially if you make a full CD." That was just the kind of support that I needed! My next decision was what to put on the CD; my taste is so eclectic although I sale myself as a "Jazz" vocal stylist and I do love jazz, I also love Al Jarreau and Stevie and Al Green not to mention Marvin Gaye. So I decided to offer the listener music that I love whether jazz or otherwise. Indeed, I thought about calling the CD ""Songs from My Heart" or "Music I Love" but neither title convicted me. So I pulled out a song that I wrote some time ago when I was suffering a major heartache, gave it an upbeat, bosa nova tempo and decided to make it the title song, "A Guarantee". The musicians that participated in this session made the project fun, creative and much easier than it might have been with lesser musicians. I'll just say that I was very fortunate to be able to assemble such an outstanding group: • George Anderson is the consummate bass player. He's got the timing, the experience; he's in love with music and he brings a professional approach to all he does. • Roland Elbert is the pianist that you just hope will say yes. He is clean; he's prolific; he hates to play anything the same way that anybody else has played it, no matter who; and he has superb taste, musically. • Jaelun Washington is what you hope your student will be when you're done with him. He's a versatile drummer with impeccable timing; he's understated but firm; he's flexible and he's fun. He is required membership for any great jazz recording effort. • Shelly Carroll is simply the greatest saxophone/flautist that the world is yet to discover. He is at his prime and the best there is. I am grateful that he said yes. You will be too. • Van Sneed was a gamble for me on guitar. I had heard him play in church. He was intense, honest and creative but I didn't know whether he would blend with these vintage jazz musicians. He more than fit in, he quickly became a valued and welcomed member of the team. Van died two days after he recorded with us. His death was sudden and totally unexpected. He was only 55 years old. • Andrea Wallace sings like a sultry angel. Her pitch and control are only surpassed by the God given beauty of her voice. When I thought of doing "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" as a duet, only her voice and delivery came to mind. • Antonio Gutierrez is a very young percussionist that the world will come to know. At only 19 years old at this recording, every great band leader will be vying for his services very soon. I'm sure that Booker T Washington High School for the Performing Arts taught him something, but clearly God gave him most of what he has before he ever heard of school. Wow! Now sit back and be prepared to thank God for great music and musicians who deliver. Gabe Meadows.


Künstler: Gabe Meadows & Lush Life
Titel: Guarantee
Genre: Vocal
Release-Datum: 29.11.2011
Etikett: CD Baby
Medienformat: CD
UPC: 844667027105