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Freaktricity 3-The Funky Alien

Freaktricity 3-The Funky Alien

(Duplicated CD)
  • Von Freaktricity
  • Version 03.07.2012
  • Musikgenre Rock
  • Medienformat CD
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The Funky Alien is a multi influenced collection of songs that blends classic rock foundations with electronic soundscapes and enough digital whirl to catch the current wave of rock power and ride the edge of innovation in the never ending search for guitar nirvana! Freaktricity meets this challenge and guitar lovers will have their six string cravings satisfied without a doubt! Gumby has a vast and varied list of accomplishments ( see below album credits ) and has brought those guitar playing experiences together in this album of original music. FREAKTRICITY III : THE FUNKY ALIEN featuring JOHN GUMBY GOODWIN MR. HOBBES, F.B.I. ( Goodwin, Gardner ) STRAWBERRY FIELDS FOREVER ( Lennon, McCartney ) ELECTROFEELIA ( Goodwin ) THE FUNKY ALIEN ( Goodwin ) TELL IT TO MARS ( Goodwin, Caravello ) THE QUIET ONE ( Goodwin ) SOLAR AIR SHIP ( Goodwin ) FLYING LOW ( Goodwin, Caravello ) CARINA NEBULA ( Goodwin ) UNDERCOVER ALIEN ( Goodwin ) MIDNIGHT SUN ( Goodwin ) TWILIGHT SKY ( Goodwin, Ceballos ) THE SPHYNX OF CYDONIA ( Goodwin, Gardner, Zeno ) John Gumby Goodwin - Electric and acoustic guitars, bass guitar, keyboards, programming,editing and percussion Bass - Joe Gardner tr 1 and 13 Angelina Paige tr.5 and 8 Ron Schneider tr.12 Walt Vincent tr.6 Rhythm Guitar - Monique Caravello tr.5 and 8 Brian Ceballos tr 12 Drums - Patrick Williamson tr 1,5,8,9,11 and 12 Charlie Paxton tr 6 Tim Crawford tr 4 Additional programming and engineering- Sammy Diament tr 2 Joe Gardner tr.1 and 13 Produced and engineered by John Gumby Goodwin All Songs Copyright 2012 johngumbygoodwin youtube, facebook, myspace purchase my music @ CD A bit of Gumby's resume.... Session Musician; ProTools Studio Owner & Operator Execute various performing and studio duties for clients and projects including James Blunt (tracking guitarist for 12-times-platinum "Back to Bedlam"); The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie Soundtrack (featured soloist on Lead Guitar solo that saved Bikini Bottom!); Ringo Starr ("Vertical Man" for Mercury Records) Ozzy Osbourne (guitar tracks for "Ezmirrorelda" on unreleased "Ozzyland"); George Clinton (lead guitar on 'Midnight Bitch'); Badly Drawn Boy ("Have You Fed The Fish" with Damon Gough who composed the soundtrack for "About a Boy"); Bush (Protools editing on the hit single "Chemicals Between Us" for Trauma Records); ABC Television ("Hendrix/Voodoo Child Knock-Off" for TV series "Nothing Sacred"); Rubin Postaer (track for Acura Promo Video); Award-winning civil rights documentary, Standing On My Sisters' Shoulders (wrote and performed the theme song featuring June Pointer on lead vocal);Berry Gordy/ Motown, guitar solo's in the movie 'The Last Dragon'; Kenny Wayne Shepherd (engineered overdub session for the Blues guitarist); Carole King; Timothy B. Schmidt; Mark Hudson. Produced, recorded and mixed entire albums for artists C-Trunk; Greg Hale; and Dead Lift. Wrote, produced and recorded my own records: VON SKELETOR 'Injection of Death' featuring Nick Menza, drummer for Megadeth, on lead vocals RHOADS "Into The Future" featuring Kelle Rhoads (lead-singing brother of Randy Rhoads) SOMA and THE GREEN "The High Road" (featuring the songwriting of John Goodwin) UNIVERSAL FREE ORCHESTRA (Latin jazz rock instrumentals featuring John on guitar) FREAKTRICITY 1 - Everything Evolves Eventually (Electronica Shred Rock Guitar) FREAKTRICITY 2 - Ear Candy For Miscreants (Hard Rock Guitar Instrumentals) FREAKTRICITY 3 - The Funky Alien (Various styles of melodic Rock Guitar Instrumentals) ROCKIN' BLUES EXPRESS - "Rockin' Blues Express" (Rockin' Blues featuring the vocals of Gene Anderson of George Clinton's P-Funk All-Stars and June Pointer of the Pointer Sisters with John's bluesy lead solo's, slide guitar and lotsa Hammond B-3) RUDE AWAKENING - Tribute to Thin Lizzy (covers of Thin Lizzy Classics from a band twice hired to play in Ireland by Thin Lizzy bass player Phil Lynott's mother) OFU - Tribute to the band UFO (featuring John playing the solos of Michael Schenker) Co-Writer and Producer, One Hour Television Special, UFO's Above & Beyond Co-wrote and produced UFOs Above & Beyond (aired on The Learning Channel and DirecTV); compiled research and interviews with top names in the field; wrote script outline; raised production capital; supervised video editing; wrote and performed all music; produced all audio tracks; wrote and produced follow-up piece, UFO Top Secret: The Bob Lazar Interview (see special edit @ youtube or - look in the video section) Head Engineer, Music 3 International, Inc. Recorded and combined all audio elements including music, voice-over and sound effects into completed radio commercials that aired in the US and Canada Megadeth Guitar and Bass Technician, Stage Manager Accompanied Capitol Records recording artists Megadeth on three world tours, beginning as guitar and bass technician and progressing to Stage Manager and right-hand man to Dave Mustaine; maintained major responsibilities and adapted continually changing circumstances into one cohesive show David Coverdale, Equipment Manager, Guitar Tech Set up and maintained over fifty instruments and twenty-five amplifiers for Earl Slick, Marco Mendoza and Doug Bossi for entire album tracking session.


Künstler: Freaktricity
Titel: Freaktricity 3-The Funky Alien
Genre: Rock
Attribute: Duplicated CD
Release-Datum: 03.07.2012
Etikett: CD Baby
Medienformat: CD
UPC: 700261829883