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Live at Step

Live at Step

  • Von Fine Noise
  • Version 21.09.2010
  • Musikgenre Jazz
  • Medienformat CD
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Preis 14,22 €


Tonc Feinig and Daniel Nösig are the leaders of Fine Noise, a word game with their names and also a kind of concept of the band. This is the second album, recorded-as the title says-liva at Step, a jazz club in Völkermarkt, Austria. Personnel: Daniel Nösig-trumpet Tonc Feinig-Hammond B3 Mario Gonzi-drums Miles Griffith-vocal Recorded by Michael Jurtin, March 20 and 21 at Step, Völkermarkt, Austria Mixed and mastered by Tonc Feinig Design: Hermann Stöckl Cover photo Tonc Feinig Photo 'Fine Noise' by Niko Ostermann All rights reserved. The liner notes are written from one of the masters of jazz, Randy Brecker; here´s what he says about Fine Noise 'Live at Step': This CD is full of surprises, great playing, singing/scatting and maybe most importantly 'space', which is so nice to hear in the current climate of millions of notes and loud thick sound. I first met Daniel Nösig during the summer of 2009 at a workshop in Slovenia and was quite impressed with his playing and he certainly lives up to my memory and expectations with his abundance of fluid ideas and a fabulous jazz trumpet sound. Miles Griffith I first heard years ago at the classic and much missed Jazz Club 'Bradley's' in NYC and he knocked me out with his virtuosity and daring. Daniel and Miles make great foils for each other, are a quite a different kind of 'front line' and give the band a unique sound. Offset by the great Organ-istic feats of Anton "Tonc" Feinig and the swinging yet sensitive drumming of Mario Gonzi, this is a quite well balanced group of simply great players. Fine Noise is quite soulful and funky when they want to be too! I grew up in Philly, PA so that means I 'came up' with many jazz organists, too numerous to mention here, but led by the great and original Jimmy Smith . I remember when he switched from piano to B3 and set the whole town abuzz, then many others followed suit, and the rest was B3 Jazz History. Fine Noise takes organ playing a step further in the group context and it is very refreshing to hear this... Some notes about the tunes: 1. My Love ...gospel inflected tune with hip changes tinged with great lyrics and thoughtful solos, interesting segues, and great dynamics. It's so nice to hear open playing like this. 2. Inside Your Open Arms ...a love song or (anti-love song?) again with really nice changes and a Bossa flavor. Soulful solos over a nice bed of sound. Sections flow nicely into one another too. Not an easy tune to play, but it all fits and sounds effortless by these great musicians. 3. What...? ...goin' uptown! Inventive blues-based tune penned by Daniel that would go over great at 125th and Lenox! Nicely developed drum solo by Mario Gonzi. 4. My Tin Can ...the inimitable vocal stylings of Miles Griffith shine through on this one... there is no other front line like this, which is one thing that makes Fine Noise so special. Daniel Nösig's trumpet solo is so musical and builds from a long solo break and a nice quote of 'You and the Night and The Music' into a soulful climax,then the group shifts to Miles Griffith's 'sonic vocabulary' and great scatting. This is something I don't think they can teach in a jazz vocal class! But there's more-a funky organ solo by Tonc Feinig pulls out all the stops, then back in to the 'head' which is a 'trip' in itself! 5. Let Them Talk...some Sunday morning preaching by Miles and Tonc. Very soulful and touching. 6. From The Grace ...a beautiful ballad sung with passion by Miles featuring more towering trumpet and organ solos. 7. Spank Blues...Good feeling blues jammed up by the band and Miles...Slap! I might add that these tunes are collaborations (with the exception of 'Let them Talk') by Daniel and/or Tonc working with Miles' lyrics and I'm sure musical ideas...all extremely successful. So have a fine time listening to Fine Noise Live at'll feel like you are right on the bandstand! Well done! Randy Brecker, August 2010.


Künstler: Fine Noise
Titel: Live at Step
Genre: Jazz
Release-Datum: 21.09.2010
Etikett: CD Baby
Medienformat: CD
UPC: 884502794601