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Often the first step down the path of least resistance is giving yourself 15-40 minutes of inspiration. Thomas William Murphy Day and Kathleen Murphy M.A., mother and son, are Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists. We believe in the impressive power of the mind. Sometimes the simplest solution to life's questions is giving your brain time to breathe. Often during these peaceful moments hope surfaces bringing with it connections and thoughts that were hidden. Listening to any one of the four tracks on The Path allows you to ease into that perfectly peaceful mindset leaving behind the intrusive worries that rob you of your future. Let your brain do the work for you. Your subconscious mind is responsible for 95% of your thoughts, automatically sculpting your life with limited conscious input. Research shows your thoughts create your reality. The subconscious mind is designed to automatically work on your behalf. Did you know that the majority of this information was acquired from pre-birth to about age 6? Even though you have grown into your own mind with new ideas and desires you may be unaware that your subconscious mind is working against you. An optimal way to communicate with your subconscious and take control is through pictures, vivid images and visualizing positive desired outcomes while in a relaxed state of being. Any track on The Path places you in that vital relaxed state through carefully chosen words paired with professionally recorded music. People have used The Path to: 1) Create a sense of deep peace. 2) Remove mind chatter opening the flow of creativity. 3) Quiet your thoughts to lull into sleep. 4) Rejuvenate and refocus. 5) Feel safe, cozy and that someone has your back. Feedback from customers: 'On those mornings when I wake feeling a little drained and defeated I love to listen to Energize! It lifts me up physically as well as emotionally and gives me the inner boost I need to have a positive and successful day.' 'I have been listening to the complete set of guided meditation offered by Emerald Dream Hypnosis for almost two months now. I have noticed such remarkable results in a brief amount of time, and I had to tell you about it! In the past, I have meditated during the day when I was blocked by a difficult design problem. Many times after the meditation, the answer to the problem would materialize within a few minutes of resuming work. A few weeks ago, I decided to try listening to your guided meditation instead of my usual methods. The results are amazing, and I am finding that I am slipping into a desirable state of mind much faster than before. The ideas just seem to flow afterwards, and I get a feeling of accomplishment and confidence nearly every day.' 'One of the nicer voices I have heard, and I listen to guided meditation quite often.' 'Feelin' happy.' 'I use the Emerald Hypnosis CD as a meditation device with my special education classroom. After students complete a series of yoga and brain gym poses, we end with 5 minutes of meditation from the dream segment. All students close their eyes and listen to the calming voice that guides them to relax. By implementing this meditation component in my classroom, I have noticed increased focus and calmness among all the children, not to mention myself' 'Kathy and Tom - Last night I listened to the Heart Center meditation and it was wonderful! I had a looonnnggg stressful day and listening took me right out of it. The pain I had been feeling in my shoulder all day began to melt away. Thanks for your wonderful work. Wishing you many blessings! Last night the hubby and I played the dream one before bed. Must have worked, cuz I don't remember a thing!' 'I was feeling down because I've been having issues in all areas of my life. At some of my worst moments when I was feeling alone and hopeless I received great comfort when I listened to The Path.' --- We would both like to thank you for taking your time to look at our CD and wish you the best in your life. Enjoy. Smile. Believe.


Künstler: Emerald Dream Hypnosis
Titel: Path
Genre: New Age
Release-Datum: 28.09.2010
Etikett: CD Baby
Medienformat: CD
UPC: 884501390545
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