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I Know You Know Where I'm Going

I Know You Know Where I'm Going

  • Von Dojo Joe
  • Version 15.11.2011
  • Musikgenre Rock
  • Medienformat CD
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Dojo Joe is both the musical amalgamation of Raymond Berglund and Mark Lane, along with a blend of the finest single malts consumed by the duo. The ten song sophomore album of I Know You Know Where I'm Going picks up where The Tokyo EP: Deluxe Edition left off five years ago (in space), and follows an unnamed protagonist through the adjustments to life back on the planet Earth. The inspiration for the album comes from both the last decade of the life of Dojo Joe, and from the malts consumed therein; coincidentally, both can be described as experienced and mature, with improved reflexes. The story starts on the return from Earth, where the piloting skills of Captains Zulu Cromartie and Explojo Jones are hindered by a mechanical malfunction that may or may not have had to do with the double Oban 14 that was spilled upon the cockpit controls. Upon successful crash landing, our protagonist channels the likes of Snoop Dogg, Beck, and the former ghosts of The Tokyo EP through his text machine, an ode to human interaction and it's difficulty in the digital age. While searching for a new home and a better constitution, an unnamed antagonist drives our impassioned lead character to ride the blues train right out of town, where he spends most of the evening in the lounge car drinking to the 'good riddance' of it all. As the ominous intro begs, and we all eventually learn, one cannot simply run from the travails of existence, as the "Nitemare" is within ourselves. Months turn into years, while the search for simplicity and healing is brought to the forefront. And as Dojo Joe is well aware, time heals all things, and that's as easy as shooting fish in a barrel, right? Wrong. When the antagonist reenters the scene unexpectedly ten years later, our paladin reveals the chinks in his armor, and lays out the pain he has repressed for the past decade. Firm in his belief he is on his own path, he declares "I know you know where I'm going," and makes a precipitous retreat into oblivion. He turns an inner eye, and where the fear has been there is nothing, and unsure if even he remains he asks himself, "... but where am I?" All goes black. Our protagonist finds himself in a dream state, immersed in the rhythmic white noise of the machines all around, unaware of his own slow path towards recovery. Now, awakened by the sound of chirping birds, the smell of fresh cut grass and the sight of rolling hills, our main character smiles. A golf ball makes it's way through the air, and an old man speaks polite French at the clubhouse. All appears well inside, but as we find on the final track, all on the outside is not. A farewell speech to whomever may still be listening at this point (are you still listening? Really? Awesome.) There is finally little left to say, and only what he is to learn on the next leg of the journey... to the center of the Earth. Or whatever.


Künstler: Dojo Joe
Titel: I Know You Know Where I'm Going
Genre: Rock
Release-Datum: 15.11.2011
Etikett: CD Baby
Medienformat: CD
UPC: 885767940772