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Voice Cries Out

Voice Cries Out

  • Von Diane Stough
  • Version 20.12.2011
  • Musikgenre Christian
  • Medienformat CD
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Shalom Ya'll, I am so glad you are reading about my music. Each song I have written has come from 'quiet moments' spent with the Lord. As I am drawn into His presence, I hope you will be too. Sometimes in my life I have been so completely broken and only God can put me back together and lift me up. God is the Presence in the wind, who calms the angry storms. He is the Discerner of the heart with power to transform. (words from 'Soar like an Eagle') We may have many troubles but God delivers us from the all. Ps. 34:19 I hope you will enjoy 'A Voice Cries Out'... I am including some comments and recommendations from a just few who have purchased my CD... Radiant ... captivating ... beautiful ... You reflect His image with Glory for Kingdom purposes. The CD is a blessing for all. Todah, for your faithful servant heart, and gratitude for all of your family who rejoiced with you! s and jc This is my 'go-to' album, the one first into the CD player when I need a word of encouragement, a reminder of His constant presence, or a trip to the Holy of Holies. The first few times I listened, the experience was so deep that I had no conscious memory of hearing some of the songs. My "spirit ears," though, received. The words and melodies stay with me in the night, on long drives, and in moments of reflection. Truly, a gift from Abba, sent via a woman bringing the gifts to fruition. All my Friends should expect one this Holiday Season! Sally WOW!!!!! How awesome, the gift you have given God with the talents and gift He has given you!!!!! The CD is incredible!!!!! Every word is sung so clear and the message of each song is so uplifting. You cannot walk away from hearing it without praising God for your own salvation and I believe that many that are not saved will come to know Christ if they are fortunate enough to hear it !!!!! I am so blessed to have a copy!!!!! May God continue to bless your journey that this will be only the first of many to come!!! Annette This music is an anointed gift from G-d. It leads us into deep worship of the Father. The songs have a way of playing over and over in my mind all day! Thanks for using your talents for His glory! Anne I have incorporated your CD into my time with the L-rd each morning, and something amazing happened today... As I was praying, I began to realize that a lot of my prayer was coming from the words in your song. All I can say is "WOW"! G-d knew my heart, and He used your songs, to help me. Thank you for such encouraging, worshipful, uplifting and inspired songs. Wayne.


Künstler: Diane Stough
Titel: Voice Cries Out
Genre: Christian
Release-Datum: 20.12.2011
Etikett: CD Baby
Medienformat: CD
UPC: 642820012223