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Something Left Undone

Something Left Undone

  • Von Dennis Kesseler
  • Version 17.07.2012
  • Musikgenre New Age
  • Medienformat CD
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The flurry of emotions found off the tight compositions on Kesseler's new album, Something Left Undone, retains the same cathartic release that many artists share when attempting to grasp some inexplicable measure of themselves. Physical setting also plays a staring role in this album. The whimsical world of the fantastical that is depicted through this 12-tracked album appears to be representative of sequestered pockets of time many of us may have experienced in a natural environment. These extremely private, even intimate settings are innately linked to something ubiquitously spiritual. For example, similarly to their titles, tracks like "Dove on My Shoulder" and "Monarchs' Ballet" conjures to the mind small vignettes of the heart, mind and soul meeting at some point within the natural world. This intersection of elements provides apt imagery to the music. Like meditative stones used for ascending beyond everyday distractions, these powerful imageries act as conduits into the sublime. The conversation, here, also happens to be ongoing without paring down what is essential. These tracks will snare the attention of audiences - not through overwrought or ornate expressions, but through patient execution. Bordering onto chaos, the tight sounds effortlessly switch between opaqueness and unsettling and the overall effect happens to be one that is quite startling. Another searing impression is the sense that this is a rising and soaring, celebratory of an album, full of singing instrumentals. The disconcerting element is studiously subtle, a realistic contrast. Something Left Undone is an album wrought between overtures of etherealness and darkness. And from the first few notes of the opening track "Crow in a Field of Rye" and onwards, the lush environment is created through a heavy wash of classical and foreign instrumentals. Percussions sound alongside the tinkering of piano keys, plucking of strings, and the beating of drums as well accompanied by Celtic-influenced instruments. The scope of this captivating multi-faceted dreamscape is amazing. Kesseler's arresting melodies captures the romance and poetics of something deeply removed and yet so very relevant at the same time. His visionary slant is able to meld the old and new into his music, creating something truly admirable and original. Something Left Undone will cast a long-lasting impression - turning a fleeting moment into an experience that endures. Reviewed by My Nguyen Rating: 5 stars (out of 5) Review by Matthew Forss Dennis Kesseler is a contemporary new age musician born in Michigan, but based in Maine. Dennis' sonic touches stem from keyboard arrangements, acoustic guitar melodies, and symphonic blasts of pleasant, ambient music. The music is wholly instrumental and represents a bit of jazz and classically-inspired compositions of mesmerizing beauty. The new album features twelve tunes and nearly an hour of music that is highly reflective and calming. "Crow In A Field Of Rye" opens with a light bird sound, tapping, acoustic guitar and airy presence that morphs into ambient washes of sound on the keyboard. The keyboard glistens with echoing reverberations of soothing music. The keyboard also represents a horn-like presence that is very relaxing. The ambulating acoustic guitar is met with a few tapping sounds reflecting a natural ambiance of dripping water. The acoustic guitar opens up with a broader sound, as the keyboard punctuations and pizzicato-like embellishments signal an arrival of least in theory. "Nobody Knows" contains a down-tempo percussive beat and a sprinkling of atmospheric washes that bleed into distant drum beats and an acoustic guitar medley. The symphonic washes push the guitar in a direction of pure bliss, especially as the percussion set heats up. The mood is still relatively relaxed. Horn-like sounds are added to the mix mid-song with flute-like embellishments and a soaring atmospheric presence. "Entre Deux Mers" opens with symphonic displays of magnificent sound. There are string sounds in the mix, too. The majestic aura of the song creates a cinematic effect. Horn sounds chime in mid-song and a tribal/dance beat begins. It is interspersed with sprigs of high-pitched keyboard tones and aural, ambient washes. The raw percussion near the end of the song resembles the work of Tangerine Dream's Dream Mixes recordings, especially with the ambient additions of sonic brilliance. "Explode The World" begins with a jaunty acoustic guitar line and dulcimer-like tones. The guitar opens up with a Celtic folk-rock instrumental piece. The percussion is steady and more structured than previous songs on the album. The jazzy-folk composition is moving, improvisational, and melodic. There are hints of keyboard choruses, but 'real' vocals are not present throughout the song and album. "Secret Lives Of Little Dogs" opens with plaintive acoustic guitar and haunting, indiscriminate human voices in the background. The music quickly delves into a spritely string medley for a few seconds and then back to the opening sequence. A creaking sound of a door opens up the song in a new direction with lively bass, drum-kit, and atmospheric washes. The upbeat sequence is bright with sonic qualities of folk, rock, and jazz. The bass is most evident, but the ambient washes are still present. "Monarchs' Ballet" begins with a jaunty acoustic guitar and an airy flute sound with symphonic, ambient noise rising up from the outer reaches of sonic humanity. The ambulating guitar leads the punchy ambient beauty into a brilliant display of musicianship. The ambient noise accelerates mid-song into a new age frenzy. The dizzying melodies and free-flowing sounds imitate the majestic beauty of a ballet. Dennis Kesseler creates moving and majestic pieces of new age music on his latest release, Something Left Undone. The instrumental guitars, keyboards, bass, drums, and assorted instruments are always engaging and appropriately-utilized. The nearly one-hour journey is entertaining and calming. The delicate sounds are not boring or unobtrusive. Dennis does not do any wrong on this album. Anyone with an interest in new age music, Tangerine Dream, contemporary instrumental music, and easy listening melodies will love Dennis' new album. Nothing is left undone of this album. Rating: 5 Stars (out of 5)


Künstler: Dennis Kesseler
Titel: Something Left Undone
Genre: New Age
Release-Datum: 17.07.2012
Etikett: CD Baby
Medienformat: CD
UPC: 884501759014