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Blood & Beer & Poetry

Blood & Beer & Poetry

  • Von Dean Richard
  • Version 05.06.2012
  • Musikgenre Blues
  • Medienformat CD
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'I consider this song (Lift You Up) one of my favorite EVER. Do I sound excited about this song?' Julie Anne Lovely Thompson - Acclaimed Singer/Songwriter 'Let's Ride is a biker anthem!' In the Dean Richard CD 'Blood and Beer and Poetry' the songs are diverse, and each one is an entity unto itself. Each tells a story, and each creates it's own mood. First up is a story of the harsh reality of jealousy and betrayal in the song 'Suspicious'. She does him wrong, but then again, maybe he had it coming. He's not a nice guy, jealous and untrusting from the get-go. But she pays him back, and in spades. Lying, cheating, jealousy, suspicion, it's all here. That's why they call it the Blues. Next up is an ode to bikers everywhere. 'Let's Ride'. It's simple, the highway is calling and it sounds like freedom. Let's get out and ride. It's a rockin' good feeling. The rhythm guitar sounds like a harley with six strings, and the slide guitar is cranking. The harmonica screams like an engine revved too high, and organ is wailing. C'mon baby, let's ride. 'Starting Over' features some outrageous keyboard tracks from Jimmy Nichols, and a super funky guitar lick by Troy Lancaster. The story is a common one, a relationship that has run it's course, and now it's time to begin again. The magic is gone, neither person is happy, and it's time to go separate ways. In the beginning it seems easy and the lyrics are confident, but when the time comes to split up the belongings and move out, there's nothing left but emptiness and sadness. Sandwiched in between is a Dean Richard harmonica solo that's more Jazz than Blues, with a sweet and pure harmonica tone that harp players rarely display. 'Lift You Up' is a healing song. The singer sees the unhappiness and hurt all around, and wants to be a force in changing it. 'Come with me, let me lift you up' is the theme, and it's sincere and heartfelt. If you can feel the message in this song, then you're not alone, and you simply need to let the music take you to a better place. Let it ease your sorrow. The song features a beautiful and haunting violin track by Tammy Rogers-King. 'Soul On Fire' is a song about fighting through tragedy and depression, and the helplessness of aging. The guitars have a uniquely edgy sound to them, with an uncomfortable sharpness full of harmonics and distortion that enhances the feeling of pain and depression that permeates the story. The break at the end with it's clear synth melody allows the listener to find some peace, to feel the determination that helps make it through those bad times. Track 6 is 'Living the Dream', and it's pure fantasy. Taking the common expression 'Living the Dream' literally, the lyrics tell of a dream come true - so much money we don't know that to do, nothing to do but party all night and day. The reggae beat puts the listener on an island paradise, the lyrics are suggestive and fun. The bridge reminds us that that with a dream there really is wealth inside your head, and we need to live every day. The song 'I Am Alive' is an affirmation of life after breaking away from a negative and controlling partner. The rhythm guitars are complex and interesting, and the counter-melody during the chorus sings of the feeling of triumph. 'Stronger for it all with a will to survive, I'm living my life with a purpose'. 'Why You So Crazy' is a story of the damaging frustration caused by a lover's crazy jealousy. Featuring a blistering guitar solo by Troy Lancaster, breakdown guitar licks by Dean Richard, and powerful organ track from Jimmy Nichols, the song is rockin' good fun and never takes itself too seriously. Many people think of being in love and in a relationship as being restrained or held down, but the song 'Freedom Calling' takes a different point of view. The song describes finding love as stripping away fear and pain, and celebrates love as a joyful change giving freedom from loneliness and emptiness. 'Stay' is the closing song. It's a story of two people alone late at night, both of whom have been burned by love, and neither of whom can ever really trust any more. In their loneliness they have found each other, and they each hope to find something to substitute for love in their lives. The song features wicked backing vocals by Tracy Hannemann, and a funky bass line by Rick Holmes. It's got a Bluesy, funky groove, with slide, guitars, and harmonica keeping it real.


Künstler: Dean Richard
Titel: Blood & Beer & Poetry
Genre: Blues
Release-Datum: 05.06.2012
Etikett: CD Baby
Medienformat: CD
UPC: 884501731829