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Between Silence

Between Silence

  • Von David Kraus
  • Version 05.10.2010
  • Medienformat CD
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'Kraus makes everything he does with his instrument sound easy, although there is nothing easy about it. His sound is warm, his articulation is clean, and his playing exhales mature confidence and the ability to communicate. I can't imagine anyone not liking this CD.' Ray Tuttle - Fanfare Magazine 'Like poems, the individual pieces ebb and flow, find tension and release, never sacrificing compositional integrity to guitaristic self indulgence. Here is a player's technical prowess mingled with a discerning composer's intent, yet the passion of the performance is the overdriving impression left in the listener's ear.' Chip Wilson - The Montpelier Bridge 'What is clear from the outset is Kraus' magnificent playing. It has the technique one expects but with real warmth and character as well. Influenced by jazz and classical styles certainly explains the uninhibited freedom of his playing and the stylistic invention of his works, emphasizing the sense of solitude and intimacy this album encourages.' Barnaby Rayfield - Fanfare Magazine 'David Kraus is a Vermont-based musician whose career as a professional guitarist dates back almost four decades. Early on, he made his mark as a blues and jazz guitarist, but as time went on, he took an increasing interest in Western classical music, and also in music from outside of the United States and Europe. Like any good jazz musician, improvisation played a strong role in his early creative work, but with his increasing interest in classical music came a deeper interest in more formal composition. Today, he is one of those rare birds: a composer who performs his own compositions-in several genres. He also has composed music for documentary films and continues working with a world fusion ensemble called Some Sort of Angel. And, as a musician who values the mentors he worked with during his formative years, today Kraus has become an enthusiastic teacher in his own right, guiding young talents at colleges, camps, and music schools, and in his own studio. In late 2010, Between Silence, his latest CD, was released and like much of the rest of his work, it is receiving a wonderfully favorable response and accolades nationwide in print, radio, and on line. Though his main distributor is CD Baby, he can also be found on Amazon, iTunes, and many other music sites. And his love for creating music just keeps growing.' Ray Tuttle - Fanfare Magazine Interview (July 2011) 'Montpelier guitarist and composer David Kraus has created a new album that is as rich in sonic beauty as it is in ideas. Kraus plays with clarity, elegance and a warm sound. His musicianship flows naturally. The composition is truly inventive and the performance touches the heart.' Jim Lowe - The Times Argus 'I am happy to have the music float between genres. It reminds me in this respect of Keith Jarrett or John Taylor at their least jazz-like, and if the album that most readily comes to mind is Pat Metheny's 'One Quiet Night', also a solo guitar recital, it has to be said that the quality of Kraus's compositions is several orders of magnitude greater than Metheny chose to offer on that occasion.' Jeremy Marchant - Fanfare Magazine Read More at his website: davidkrausguitarist.


Titel: Between Silence
Release-Datum: 05.10.2010
Etikett: CD Baby
Medienformat: CD
UPC: 884502817416
Produkt #: SRD281741
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