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Seasons of the Soul

Seasons of the Soul

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About Reiki, the Harp, and Cymber Lily "Cymber Lily's is a lovely gift and I'm grateful for it, like having a moment to appreciate the way the night blooming jasmine smells standing in the dark." -- Holly Young, sculptor 'Thank you for your time with my wife. Yesterday, we were at the hospital in Honolulu for a check-up, and everyone said she looked great. Your work shows!!' -- JB, Island of Hawai'i 'Thanks, Cymber! I've never been able to share a Reiki session I have received with anyone else before, relive it the way I can when listening to this recording.' -- Janet Dagley Dagley, editor, The Reiki Digest 'Thank you for bringing your gift to our center. It was fantastic!' -- Dr. Angela Lopez, Chiropractic from the Heart, San Jose California 'Lovely. Inspiring. Wonderful balance! This work is truly a blessing!' -- Paul H., Reiki master, Island of Hawai'i ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I Fell in Love with the Harp When I was 6 Years Old...But Didn't Get Started Until I Was 42. In the intervening years, I played a lot of instruments and sang. And I worked in journalism and magazines, until I found my way into high tech marketing. I loved it. A health crisis led me to Reiki and to reconsider my life and choices. As part of my healing, and later my Reiki training, my Reiki master suggested that I explore my old dream of playing the harp. I found myself back in the arms of music, healing myself with tones and strings. I intuitively felt that there was a strong connection between Reiki and the harp. Then I researched and wrote an article for The Reiki Digest, which shows the physics involved in Reiki and harp music. The article is available on my web site. Today, I share Reiki Healing Harp music with people who need comfort, relaxation and rest. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ About the CD 'Seasons of the Soul' Improvised harp music to balance the human energy system 'Seasons of the Soul' is a five-part improvised piece played on a solo harp. Each section is an interpretation of the five specific seasons, outlined by Traditional Chinese Medicine and Taoist Philosophy. Each season corresponds to specific organ systems in the body. In addition, as a Reiki practitioner, I activated the flow of Reiki into my hands as I played these pieces. The end result is a 50-minute, repeatable Reiki session. You can enjoy 'Seasons of the Soul' alone or with others. Massage practitioners may want to use the CD background for sessions. Acupuncturists may use the recording in conjunction with other energy balancing techniques. Listeners may listen to the whole CD straight-through or listen to particular tracks to address specific energy issues. A reminder: This is a work of healing, not medicine. Please consult your doctor and your common sense if you have questions about your health. If you would like customized or personalized Reiki healing music, please contact me through my web site for more information. Thank you! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Seasons of the Soul Descriptions of the Five Seasons According to Traditional Chinese Medicine Late Summer - Season of Transition Aug. 1 - Sept. 23 (north); Feb. 2 - Mar. 21 (south) Late Summer is a short and unrecognized season, which represents the transition from Yang to Yin, and is most active in the Stomach/Spleen organ system. This season falls between the expansive growth phases of spring and summer, and the inward, cooler, most mysterious fall and winter. A pleasant tranquil and flourishing season, it is as if time stops in Late Summer and activity becomes effortless and dreamlike. Unity, harmony and the middle way are summed between the extremes. This is the time when the pendulum reverses it's swing. This season is represented by the Earth element, and is located in your Center, that place which is constant and harmonizes the effects of the other four seasons. It is timeless joy. Other Late Summer words: • Element: Earth • Transition from Yang declining to Yin -- Central Phase • Organs: Stomach/Spleen • Body: Mouth, Muscles • Emotion: Care/Worry, Thoughtfulness/Pensiveness, Awareness/Anxiety • Taste: Sweet • Climate: Humid • Life Stage: Change • Color: Yellow • Meditation words: Harvest, • Musical modes: Ionian and Mixolydian ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Autumn - Season of Decay and Turning Inward Sept. 23 - Dec. 21 (north); Mar. 22 - June 21 (south) Autumn is the season of harvest, and time to pull inward and gather together on all levels. As the growing season winds down, we store up food and fuel. We set aside time to plan and study for the approaching stillness of winter. Everything contracts and moves inward. It is the time of reflection or even grieving. It is the time when the lungs draw in energy and release all that is old. It is a time to organize for the next year, to smell baked goods and eat stews, squash and beans. Other Autumn words • Elements: Air and Metal • Yin rising, lesser Yin • Organs: Lungs, Large Intestine, Skin • Body: Nose, Hair • Emotion: Completion/ Grief, Sadness • Taste: Sharp • Climate: Drought • Life Stage: Maturity • Colors: White • Meditation words: Pull inward, contract, harvest, organize • Musical modes: Phrygian and Locrian ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Winter - Season of Peaceful Stillness Dec. 21 - March 21 (north) ; June 22 - Sept. 22 (south) Winter is the end and the beginning. To unify with winter, one emphasizes receptivity, introspection. One cools the surface of the body and warms the core. It is a time of rest and deep meditation. It is a time for strengthening one's listening skills. It is a time to enjoy the stillness. Nap in the afternoon and hear cheerful voices in the kitchen. Other Winter words: • Element: Water • Deep Yin, Greater Yin • Organs: Kidney, Bladder • Body: Ears, Bones, Adrenal glands • Emotion: Curiosity/Fear and Depression • Taste: Salty • Climate: Cold • Life Stage: Storage • Color: Black • Meditation Words: Rest and Recharge, Stillness, Introspection • Musical modes: Perfect 5ths (half Ionian) and pentatonic ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Spring - Season of New Beginnings March 21-June 20 (north); Sept. 23 - Dec. 21 (south) Spring is the new beginning, the time of year to rise early with the Sun. Plants push upwards after winter's slumber. Any residual dissatisfaction, impatience and anger disappear at the sight of the green shoots of newness. Other Spring words: • Element: Wood • Yang rising, lesser Yang • Organs: Liver, Gallbladder • Body: Sinews, Bile, Eyes • Emotion: Achievement/Anger • Taste: Sour • Climate: Wind • Life Stage: Birth • Color: Green/Blue • Meditation words: brisk walks, new beginnings, subtle cleansing, see in new ways • Musical Modes: Aeolian and Dorian ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Early Summer - Season of Expansion June 21-Aug. 1 (north); Dec. 22 - Feb. 1 (south) Early Summer heralds expansion, growth, lightness and outward activity. This is the time of luxurious growth in work, play, and travel. It is a time to be joyful and grow into selfless service. Other Early Summer words: • Element: Fire • Yang in expansion, Greater Yang • Organs: Heart, Small Intestine • Body: Tongue, Blood vessels • Emotion: Joy/Mania • Taste: Bitter • Climate: Heat • Life Stage: Growth • Color: Red • Meditation words: growth, expansion, light • Musical Mode: Ionian ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ More about Cymber Lily CDs • Seasons of the Soul. Reiki session based on Traditional Chinese Medicine Reiki Training • Reiki Level III, Usui tradition • Member, Reiki Member Association • Special Correspondent to The Reiki  Digest • Continuing Education in History of Reiki and Harp Resonant Tone Past Concerts, House Concerts, Events and Sessions • 'Seasons of the Soul,' Chiropractic from the Heart, San Jose, California. Solo concert, composed and improvised. Based on the Chinese medicine seasons and healing music technique. • Yoga class accompaniment, Chiropractic from the Heart, San Jose, California • 'Seasons of the Soul,' Healing Journeys, from Surviving to Thriving, Lincoln Theater, Yountville, California. Solo concert, composed and improvised. Based on the Chinese medicine seasons and healing music technique. • 'Tsukimi,' with Shizuno Nasu, Volcano, Hawaii • Sounding Circles Healing Concert, Kohala Yoga Community Center, Kapa'au, Hawaii • Full-Moon Concert, with Shizuno Nasu and Rhiannon. Volcano, Hawaii • "Seasons of the Soul" -- Chiropractic from the Heart Wellness Center, San Jose, California. Solo concert, composed and improvised. Based on the Chinese medicine seasons and healing music technique. • Private Practice Clients, San Jose, California. Surgery recovery, chemotherapy recipient, infertility, canine earache. • Hilo's Got Talent Show, Hilo, Hawaii • 100th Birthday Party, Papa'aloa Senior Center, Hawaii • Wishard Gallery art opening, Waimea, Hawaii • "Seasons of the Soul" -- First solo concert, composed and improvised. Based on the Chinese medicine seasons and healing music technique. • Wishard Gallery art opening. Waimea, Hawaii • Seniors at Laupahoehoe Point -- Solo concert for three local senior centers. • Murphy/Hannon Wedding. Kalani Resort. • Life Care Center -- solo and with jazz trio. • Papa'aloa Senior Center - solo concert.


Künstler: Cymber Lily Quinn
Titel: Seasons of the Soul
Genre: New Age
Release-Datum: 27.10.2011
Etikett: CD Baby
Medienformat: CD
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