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Looking at Love

Looking at Love

  • Von Colleen
  • Version 18.01.2011
  • Musikgenre Country
  • Medienformat CD
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My debut album, 'Looking at Love', is a real labour of love. From years of cultivating music and exploring the business, I have, with the help of producer and friend, Rodrigo Figueroa, put together a collection of songs for this album that are positive, uplifting and familiar. Mix in a little fun and romance, a little tear here and there, and you have Colleen 'Looking at Love'. I couldn't resist beginning the album with 'Fields of Gray'. It's a Bruce Hornsby masterpiece I connected to instantly as I am definitely one of those parents who would just have to say 'Goodnight, I love you' one more time before bedtime, hoping to give her children a better tomorrow and more love than today. Though there were, and will be, fields of gray in our lives, we are stronger and closer than ever before. This song had to start my album, the acapella intro is bare and straight from my heart. 'Looking at Love' is my title track. It says it all and is a song about my own personal evolution... That you can't truly be successful at life and love until you are at peace and in love with your self first. It's the secret, I have learned, to every and any relationship in your life. When I was able to just accept and love myself the way I was, eat crow and improve upon what I needed to in order to evolve, everything fell into place; my family realigned, my purpose came back to me, my heart could love and be loved. Now everywhere I go, I am looking at love! I wrote 'Rainmaker' about 14 years ago. I was reading a book about the power of just one voice, one smile, one act of kindness and the rippling effect it can have on many. I met a Rainmaker in my life who helped me see who I really was, and allowed me to let my self just go and BE. What a feeling! I had looked many years for a cause to dedicate this song toward. Even though it was romantically written it holds a deeper meaning for all of us. I was in Las Vegas last June at a Kiwanis International Convention. As my partner and I were roaming the tables, we came upon one display called 'Save the Rain' ingenious method of harvesting rain in the rainy seasons and containing them safely for use throughout the year! I was tingling from head to toe! The cause found me! Just like one act of kindness can help a community in need, a tiny act of kindness can help a person in need. Be a Rainmaker! Let your love rain upon all those around you, to carry them through times of drought! Adding a little bit of fun and whimsy, I can't sit still to 'I Have Fallen'. I wrote it a few years ago, fed up with the emptiness that the word 'love' held anymore. I know that action speaks louder than words. So as life progressed and changes took place, the song became another testimony of where I am right now. No nonsense, no time to waste, just love spoken by deed and grace. Have fun with this one! I do! Writing 'Like a Summer Breeze' was a real turn for me. I had never written something from the perspective of someone else. Rodrigo had this beautiful composition written already and asked if I would consider writing lyrics for it. So we met up one afternoon in Campbell River where we sat in the park by the Quadra ferry and I asked him to tell me the story behind the song...that sometimes what you think is romantic love is meant to be a deep friendship and no matter where you go in life, it never leaves you. He wanted a bit of a Fleetwood Mac feel to it, and as he spoke I took notes and verse by verse it came together......We eventually finished it for another artist to review, but it's a precious song to him and needed to be sung by someone who's been there to be believable. So when we decided to do this album, it was a given. It is a duet of guitar and vocals, his guitar calling out to the memories of the past washing over him. 'Solomon's Song' is: ancient lyrics meet modern country. I wrote this song about 13 years ago for a friend's wedding. I was crunched and couldn't come up with anything till I opened the book of Solomon in the Bible and became enchanted with it's content of romance, devotion, grace, and longing. It didn't take long to write it as I was held in a trance by my romantic imagination. I could visualize knights and damsels, innocence of the wedding night and the tingle of building a life with that certain someone you've longed for. It speaks of chivalry and cherishment, grace and beauty, innocence and giving the one gift that sets your union apart from all others. The raw masculinity of Gord Maxwell's voice as my duet partner will make any girl swoon! I look back now and see how my own Solomon was sung to me by the writing of this song. He is 'my friend, my love and my choice'. I hope this song unites many, and brings back the long lost art of courtship. Growing up in the 80's I wasn't allowed to listen to modern music, but I had a little radio under my bed and at night I would listen to it quietly. I remember Cyndi Lauper and what an icon she has become in the music industry. She set herself apart. 'Time After Time' has always been one of my favorites. I had asked Rodrigo to come to Calgary to join me in an open mic and to help me look at the possibilities of starting this album, he played me the arrangement he was working on. We brought the song with us to the open mic and it was a smash! It had to be on this album and I'd like to dedicate it to my friends and family, who have been there even when I wasn't, time after time. From as far away as Sri Lanka, came the song 'Ishan's Garden'. A song I dedicate to Ishan, my foster son through The Canadian Christian Children's Fund of Canada. They allowed us to send letters and pictures and get to know the family. In 2004 we decided to centre our Christmas around Ishan and his family so we bundled up a package of pillows, blankets and a few clothes and sent them well in advance. Then the Tsunami hit Sri Lanka and we were so afraid that our family would be harmed! It was well into the new year that we received a letter from Ishan's Mom, reassuring us that they were ok, moved to a safer compound and were alive, though scared and ill. They thanked us for our gifts that were perfect for them when they needed it most. They were so sad they lost our pictures, and told us of Ishan's progress, enclosing a picture he drew of flower petals. I wrote this song for him through the words of his Mother's letter..... 'Morgan's Angel' I cannot sing without tears in my voice, but the smile in my heart radiates through them. I wrote a poem many years ago for a family who lost their Dad in a bizarre accident. When my own family was touched by tragedy by the loss of my great nephew, I had to turn that poem into this lullaby as my way to express my comfort and compassion for his new bride and little daughter who are now left without his gentle presence. I plan to cultivate the proceeds of this song to the Morgan's Angel Dream Fund that I am setting up for my family. I will be using this fund to enable our next generations to reach for their own dreams and goals, and in turn be encouraged to enable others. I heard Rosie Thomas's song 'I Play Music' while in Virginia. I was in a place of transition and self-discovery, and when I heard this song I just knew I had to trust what I came here to do, sing and play music. I was very shy growing up, and even to this day I find myself living as simply as I can to avoid having to step beyond my safety zone...unless I sing. When I sing I feel so at home, and away from it all. My voice is small, but deep to the soul and it is my way to express myself apart from myself, if that makes any sense at all. When I heard this song I heard the story about myself! Thank you Rosie! Enjoy my album. It's simple, yet rich in lyrics. Embrace every moment of you and yours! And dream, dream, dream! Because your dreams never expire!!!!!!! Sincerely, Colleen.


Künstler: Colleen
Titel: Looking at Love
Genre: Country
Release-Datum: 18.01.2011
Etikett: CD Baby
Medienformat: CD
UPC: 621365139824
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