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Walls of the World

Walls of the World

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Over the span of five albums literate and honey-voiced singer-songwriter Clarence Bucaro has crafted an impressive canon of uplifting Americana, garnering comparisons to Jackson Browne and Van Morrison. The Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter initially built his career on a robust 300-shows-per-year schedule. His warm and rustic aesthetic has a broad appeal and has made him compatible sharing stages with such diverse and established artists as Aaron Neville, The Blind Boys of Alabama, Gomez, Chrissie Hynde and the Pretenders, North Mississippi Allstars, Cowboy Junkies and Fountains of Wayne. His initial apprenticeship with singer-songwriter Anders Osborne-best known for penning Tim McGraw's 3-million selling single "Watch The Wind Blow"-helped him define and refine his own down-home palette. Clarence's upcoming fifth album is his most ambitious and diverse album to date. The lushly soulful Walls Of The World, released April 3rd 2012 on 20/20 Records, is a thematic piece using walls as metaphor for political and personal division. Walls Of The World was produced by Hector Castillo (David Bowie, Björk, Lou Reed, Suzanne Vega, Rufus Wainwright, and Philip Glass) and Chocolate Genius. The album benefits from the complimentary approaches of Castillo's penchant for organic ambience and Chocolate Genius's knack for nuanced, moody electronic flourishes. The album was mixed by the highly-esteemed engineer Tchad Blake (The Black Keys, Pearl Jam, Sam Phillips, Al Green, Suzanne Vega, among others) who brought out the bold hues in Clarence's richly textured album. This dual-perspective production is a theme deeply mirrored in the fabric of the album; it appears in the lyrical theme of the two sides of division and the album was written in two spurts, from two perspectives of division. The first batch of tunes are informed as much by literature such as controversial Turkish writer Orhan Pamuk's Snow and conflict journalist Asne Seierstad's Angel of Grozny as they are from Clarence's travel to Jerusalem, Cuba, Morocco, and Russia. The second batch of songs was written after the birth of Clarence's first child and, broadly, the tunes examine the theme of walls and division from a tender and personal domestic vantage point. The literature-informed reportage dates back to 2009 when Clarence travelled to Jerusalem and experienced the contrasts between the old-world majesty of Jerusalem and the squalor of the refugee camps of Ramallah and the West Bank-it was powerful how the physicality of a wall could create such division and opposite worlds for people who lived in such close proximity. In the lyrics of the sweetly melancholy "Walls Of The World" Clarence notes the universality in this holy war when he sings: See the same old fighting/the same old hard lines/we're cutting our throats on the same old divides. The struggles seem so personal and political but, in a grand sense, it's also a class struggle and he wisely notes this, alluding to the Wall Street protests here at home. The haunting arid ambience of "Child Of War" with the chilling twangy guitars and deep-in-the-mix Chocolate Genius loops explore the horror of children who take on messianic suicide missions and find themselves sacrificing their innocence and carefree childhood to be political pawns in such tangled and tragic wars. Clarence chronicles this horror with bluntly poetic lines like What do you see through those eyes?/What do see through those eyes?/Blood for blood, limb for limb/When There's No Way Out Vengeance Wins/What Do You See Through Those Eyes? The initial inspiration for "Child Of War" was, again, the Israel and Palestine struggle but the song also has kernels of inspiration from Asne Seierstad's story of a Chechnyan orphanage, Angel of Grozny. The elegantly electric-folk tune "Two Men Down" is a tribute to conflict photojournalists Chris Hondros and Tim Hetherington who were killed in Libya in April, 2011 while covering the rebel uprising against Gaddafi's forces. It's not only an homage to the two men's bravery but echoes Clarence's artistic quest to seek the truth in his songs. "The second batch of tunes brought together what it means to me to have a child in the world when you think of the subject of the song: 'Child Of War,'" Clarence explains. "These songs were written after having my son and my perspective changed as I saw how having a child fits into a conflicted and divided world. So the two perspectives of the album became a marriage of observing the outside world with how it ties in to my personal own world." Conflict and division in this clutch of tunes extends from the daily struggles of marriage in "Are We Gonna Make It Through The Night" to "Dangerous Secret," a tune that details a woman's struggle with gender-identity issues. "That song is based on a personal letter from a friend telling me about her struggles and fears of acceptance among family and friends with thoughts about transitioning. I took the letter with me on a trip to France and began writing the song there and finished with Freedy Johnston in Brooklyn," Clarence says. Tracks such as "Same Small Threads" and "It's Only Love," written from the joyous and fulfilled feeling of a new parent, round out the album and provide a grounding counterpoint to the weighty issues discussed throughout Walls Of The World. Born in Cleveland, Ohio Clarence left his hometown for New Orleans to follow his mentor, the Crescent City music icon Anders Osborne. From New Orleans he moved to LA before settling in Brooklyn. The stories in these journeys and Clarence's passion for travel are documented from early critically acclaimed albums like his Anders Osborne-produced debut Sweet Corn and his Rounder Records sophomore album Sense Of Light to Clarence's latest, Walls Of The World. This musical journey has sought to capture the human condition in the folk-storytelling heritage with a panoramic view of humanity. "I've always dove into the outside world for inspiration; social observation has always inspired me," Clarence explains, "possibly encouraged by the punk music I used to love in the 1990s. I was inspired by the social commentary and conviction of a band like Bad Religion. In college I became interested in social movements and learned that music is as potent a weapon as any to speak to struggle and incite passion." Studying the Civil Rights and Labor Movements led Clarence to the music of Woody Guthrie. He found the message in Guthrie's music resonated with him the way punk first did in his formative years but the purity of the folk sound appealed to his maturing sensibilities and became an aesthetic touchstone for his own music. The growth in Clarence as a writer on Walls Of The World is not only in how sensitive of an observational writer he's become-like on "Rose Of Jericho" where from seeing a woman on the subway in full burka he imagines her journey from her homeland to NYC-but also manifests itself in how he can turn the lens on himself and examine his condition with a mature level of objectivity. Walls Of The World is an interpersonal and personal travelogue scored by an ambient and soulful production aesthetic bittersweet enough to evoke the dissonance in the human struggle but warm enough for the music to fill you with hope.


Künstler: Clarence Bucaro
Titel: Walls of the World
Genre: Rock
Release-Datum: 03.04.2012
Etikett: CD Baby
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