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Even Roadies Get Their Share

Even Roadies Get Their Share

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Built For Speed come from Norway and play an excellent brand of modern rockabilly with, it's's no surprise with such a name, influences from the Stray Cats. You can hear that a lot of work has been made in the studio to get a good sounding album (not just a bunch of friend who record a rehearsal) which is very important with this style (I think). The first track of the album sets the pace: Gretsch guitar led instrumental, with slap bass and double bass drum pedal with a slightly western feel, as good as any Reverend Horton Heat tune of that kind (think 'Big Sky'). 'I'll Get You' adds a touch of melodic Punk (kinda reminded me of The Queers) to their rockabilly. 'Where are the groupies' is not only well played (with a nod to the Stray Cat's Give It To me in the solo) but also features some darn clever lyrics too (I picked up the guitar cos I figured joining a band might be my only chance / now, the ugliest athletes you can imagine get supermodels in bed / so if I'd known then what I know now, I would've played football instead). Psychobilly-blues is the word I'd use for 'Hot Rod Hell'. More in a traditional blues vein 'Eat You Alive' wouldn't be out of place in The Paladins setlist (yes it's THAT good) and features a brilliant solo from Anders. Their cover of Lloyd Price's I'm Glad is no less excellent, still with a blistering guitar part. Totally their own and totally respectful of the original in the same time. The country beat of 'Too Many Guitars' is perfect to take your breath. Featuring a piano, 'Just A Rumour', is a Dave Edmunds type of rocker and you'll find a Mystery Train / Setzer feel on 'Old Car Blues'. 'I Thought I Was Over You' has a structure of a good old Honky Tonk song with a neo-rockabilly sound, and man I love that. A piano and and a sax are used to transform Led Zeppelin's Rock'n'roll into a rockin'/rhythm'n'blues number featuring once again blistering guitar solo and screamin' sax. 'I Wanna Be A Millionaire' has a bit of Setzer in it but also reminds me of a great combo of the late 80's, the Nervous Fellas, mixing rocking blues with hard hitting rockabilly. Also featured as a bonus track an amazing, ears blowing, balls shakin' version of Motorhead's The Ace Of Spades. Excellent! - Fred 'Virgil' Turgis, 'Jumpin' From 6 to 6' webzine.


Künstler: Built For Speed
Titel: Even Roadies Get Their Share
Genre: Rock
Release-Datum: 24.07.2012
Etikett: CD Baby
Medienformat: CD
UPC: 5066848883323