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Galvany Street (Dolby Atmos Mixes)

Galvany Street (Dolby Atmos Mixes)

  • Von Booka Shade
  • Version 10.08.2018
  • Musikgenre Rock
  • Medienformat Blu-ray Audio
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Blu-ray Audio 
Preis 13,88 €


Beginning of 2017 Booka Shade released the most challenging album of their career, Galvany Street (BFMB 033CD/DLX-CD/LP). Not only did it take much longer than any of their previous albums to complete, it also meant the most radical shift in musical direction. Arno Kammermeier on the record: "Galvany Street is the album we wanted to write for a long time. The collaboration with Craig Walker brings in the perfect kind of vocals to complete the music." As a result, Galvany Street marks the most important Booka Shade album since the release of their milestone album Movements (2006). The album feature Craig Walker, Daniel Spencer, Yates, and Urdur. A new level of production quality meets a cutting-edge mix of '80s and '90s pop references and modern beats and sounds. In the past couple of months Fritz Hilpert, a friend of the band and member of legendary electronic pioneers Kraftwerk, who just won the Grammy 2018 for "Best Dance/Electronic Album", started to work on Dolby Atmos mixes of the album, which take the songs quite literally to a new sonic dimension. Dolby Atmos is a relatively new audio format for creating and playing back multichannel movie soundtracks. It was developed to give movie sound a more three-dimensional effect. All album tracks, plus the bonus track "Just Like Tonight", are presented in this unique 3D experience on Pure Audio Blu-ray, accompanied by Headphone Surround 3D mixes for headphones and super high quality stereo files in 24bit/48 kHz. The disc is compatible with all Blu-ray players.


Künstler: Booka Shade
Titel: Galvany Street (Dolby Atmos Mixes)
Genre: Rock
Release-Datum: 10.08.2018
Etikett: Blaufield Music
Medienformat: Blu-ray Audio
UPC: 673790033765