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Beth & Scott: Live in Concert

Beth & Scott: Live in Concert

  • Von Beth & Scott
  • Version 12.02.2008
  • Musikgenre Children's
  • Medienformat CD
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After fifteen years of playing and writing music for children and families, Beth and Scott Bierko considered their options. Another CD like "Learn & Play" or "Happy Holidays Around the World"? Or something new. In the end, this husband and wife duo decided to take a risk and create a movie. After all, so much of what makes Beth & Scott successful is their interaction with children. Why not give that opportunity to other children who can't attend their live shows or want to take home a version? And so, "Beth & Scott: Live in Concert", now a Parents Choice Award Winner, began it's development in late 2005. Sometimes, good ideas attract good people. This project was no different. From the start, Beth & Scott were aided and abetted by Peter Hawley, a director, writer and professor who lives in Chicago, Illinois. The connection to Peter was through Scott's brother, Craig Bierko, who was Peter's roommate at Boston University and at Northwestern University. Craig always said, "If you want to make a movie, talk to Peter." Without going into too much detail (and there are always lots of details), the team of Beth, Scott and Peter arrived in Yorktown Heights, NY in September 2006 excited and nervous to film a four-camera shoot that eventually became the DVD and CD you are now reading about. Actually, Beth and Scott were nervous and excited. Peter was calmer than a lake at twilight. More than half of the songs on this collection were written by Beth and Scott (with two notable exceptions discussed below) early in their career, so what the viewers will see and hear are performances polished by literally thousands of previous concerts. Humor ("I Don't Want to Go to Bed Right Now"), beautiful harmonies ("Believe in Yourself and Your Dreams") blend perfectly with lots of on-stage interaction performed by a cast of children ("One in a Million" and "Laundry Mountain") many of whom have Broadway credits. The two compositions not penned by the Bierkos are "Hello, My Name is Joe" and "Be Banana", arguably this duo's most successful songs for children of all ages. More than anything else they have performed, these two songs are remembered and repeated by children for days, weeks and even years. (Beth and Scott could get rich if they were paid a royalty for every time that these two songs are sung in cars and living rooms across the country!) As a special bonus, the Bierkos decided to include a CD version of the concert so that teachers and families could play their songs in the car or the classroom. Also included is a warm and informative interview with Beth and Scott filmed in their home. As previously noted, this product has garnered a 2007 Parents Choice Honors Award, but it is also been designated by NAPPA (the National Association of Parenting Publications) as a worthy addition to a family or preschool library.


Künstler: Beth & Scott
Titel: Beth & Scott: Live in Concert
Genre: Children's
Release-Datum: 12.02.2008
Etikett: CD Baby
Medienformat: CD
UPC: 837101290647