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Spirit of Detroit

Spirit of Detroit

  • Von Bad Assets
  • Version 10.04.2012
  • Musikgenre Heavy Metal
  • Medienformat CD
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BAD ASSETS - SPIRIT OF DETROIT CD 11 Song Debut Full length of Working Class American Oi! From the streets of Detroit Bad Assets is a 4 piece Oi! Band from Detroit taking influences from our surroundings, working class way of life and the political corruption both on local and national levels. Growing up and living in the streets of Detroit we have our own point of view of the American Oi! ^#^scene. Add to that there influences growing up listening to bands like The 4 Skins, Cock Sparrer, Partisans, Anti-Nowhere League, Bad Brains, Oxymoron, Templars, Lagerlads, Pist N Broke, and Agnostic Front and you have an explosive recipe for great American Oi! ^#^that people not only in the U.S. but world wide can relate to. All this is what makes them THE SPIRIT OF DETROIT. BAD ASSETS - THE SPIRIT OF DETROIT CD REVIEW IN SUBURBAN REBELS ZINE BAD ASSETS Debut album is a breath of fresh air to the Oi! ^#^scene. Classic Old School Oi! ^#^with a splash of hardcore that truly sets the standard. 'The Privileged Prevail' starts the album of with a fist to the face. The drums hit so hard on this album you know blood, sweat and tears went into this shit. Songs about the working class like 'Factory Rat' is a song the common man can relate to, unless your just a lazy waste of space. 'Too Far' took me to the streets of Detroit and what a dangerous place it really is. 'Next Stop - Nowhere' is the truth of struggles we deal with every day. This song I can fully relate to. Definitely one of my favorites. 'Detroit Diamonds' might be the ultimate skinhead anthem tune. Great gang vocals and lyrics of policing your own streets and putting the boot in!! 'What's Due' is the last song and ends it nicely. It's about how the working class is f***ed due to the politics of today. Great guitar solos and Ralph might have one of the best sounding voices in Oi! The album sounds really good also at a production level. This isn't any demo kids! It's a well polished record that will stand the test of time! Oi! BAD ASSETS - THE SPIRIT OF DETROIT REVIEW IN EMPTY HANDS ZINE Well. This is why i will never go all digital. This is why i still spend a shitload of cash on records and CDs. i hear of BAD ASSETS somewhere. And somehow, i don't get all OCD (as is my usual) and learn everything about them immediately. I didn't even look them up on the internet. I just have been listening to 3 song EP that i downloaded. Superb, strong Oi! ^#^with a splash of hardcore. Cool. But i don't really know who they are. Then i order their new CD - The Spirit of Detroit - because i need some new good US Oi! Oh they're from Detroit. Oh their singer is black. And Oh, his name is Ralph. So let me get this straight, a black vocalist from Detroit named Ralph? ...hardcore and punk are too niche for this to be a coincidence. Ralph from my one of my favorite 2K hardcore bands, Death in Custody?...whom i have seen twice in Boston? This guy is carrying vocal duties for this band i already liked. Sweet. Now while i have been digging on the lo-fi, more melodic, loose production, old guy Oi! ^#^in droves lately (On File, Evil Conduct, Sydney Ducks, The Cliches, ReVilers, Marching Orders, etc); it is a triumphant break to hear some balls-out tough and crunching guitars over a stiff drumbeat. And while this has a rigid production, i wouldn't lump it with the Condemned 84 adoration that is equally rampant in this genre. This has a fantastic US Oi! ^#^sound. Track 2, 'Dawn to Dusk', stands out with a great sweeping bridge and chord arrangement. It gets you riled and has a sense of variety. This song bleeds into 'Factory Rat', something that could have fit right on 'Oi The Gathering!', which carries a too short rocking guitar lead. As for lyrics, BAD ASSETS sing about working, going to work, drinking, work, working more, drinking, and being Working Class. Actually, they do mix it up and get more specific lyrically (which i always like) with 'Bailout' and 'Too Far' and 'What's Due'. So, do not prematurely and erroneously mistake their working class pride as a generic umbrella of lyrics. 'Wasted Generation' comes just in time for a punkier sing along ('We are the Watsed Generation'). 'Too Far' has an airtight drum beat and bursts through your ear drums sans apologies for resulting damage. 'Next Stop...Nowhere' is my favorite joint. A straight Oi! ^#^song with a pounding bass drum roll to get you drinking to all too relate-able lyrics. 'Bailout' is a prime example of the undeniable impact that hardcore has on these dudes. 'Rocco's Revenge' is a killer catchy tune; with sing along ability, a sweet solo and a creepy crawl two step feel beat. I think that this is a great first effort. There are nit-picking items (a little more bass in the mix; more indulgent leads for a rock and roll feel...) but if you miss the oi of the early 90's bred in thie US, this will bring you back. Good to see DetrOi!t represent. Now if we could get a BAD ASSETS/DEATH IN CUSTODY tour up New England way.... Again - JM Designs continues to raise the level of artwork on any punk or oi! ^#^that they tamp their logo on. ^#^cool photos of National Guard strolling the riot damaged streets of Detroit. But again, Smart execution of tools on the graphics- each image has purpose and nothing is done superfluously. Cheers. BAD ASSETS - THE SPIRIT OF DETROIT Review in Razorcake Zine BAD ASSETS - THE SPIRIT OF DETROIT CD Review in Razorcake Zine #69 It's not everyday that a new band emerges with OXBLOOD as it's main influence but that's easily the best comparison for this hard, super catchy Detroit Oi! Band. The vocals have that lovable food-in-the-mouth quality to them that gets me every time. The lyrics the the traditional working class themes found on countless prior oi albums but with the focus on current economic and social issues adding genuineness not always found on Oi or street punk releases. US Oi! ^#^developed it's own hardcore-influenced feel over the years and BAD ASSETS borrows from that tradition. The production quality is especially studied and mixed with way less treble than albums from other punk subgenres. Anyone into skin sounds will get super excited by this totally kick ass new group. BAD ASSETS are anything but bad. BAD ASSETS - SPIRIT OF DETROIT CD REVIEW IN BACKSTREET BATTALLION ZINE Debut album of brand new US band from industrial city of Detroit and their new album released on United Riot Records - one of the most active US labels of nowadays. Band plays in classical four piece line-up with guitar, bass, drums and vocals. On album you can listen to 11 songs and playtime is circa half hour. Musically it is brickwall Oi!, typical sound of US bands with rough vocal. Lyrics of Bad Assets are very socially critical and I think that it is very hard to be a worker of Detroit nowadays and feed the family. So there are lyrics about the unbreakable pride of workers (Factory Rat), description of Detroit streets (Too Far), laws and regulations which are saving big companies but not their workers (Bailout), privileged people who doesn´t need to care about the paying of their rent and debts (The Privileged Prevail) or about the bad future of US social system (What's Due). Songs like Wasted Generation or Too Far are great hits. Booklet is done in cooperation with Muna, it has only two pages but it contains all lyrics and thankslist of each band member. Under the CD and on the back side of the cover are some band photos. Who likes harder bands like Bonecrusher or Maddog Surrender or example will like also Bad Assets. BAD ASSETS - THE SPIRIT OF DETROIT CD REVIEW IN NEUTRAL ACCENTS ZINE Bare bones Oi! From, as the title suggests Detroit. A tightly played record, focusing on the state of America and extinct American Dream. It is lyrically well written, tackling the problematic symptoms affecting numerous Midwestern cities and marks a definite throwback in sound to the distinct Detroit/Windsor bands of the 90's/ early 2000's. Much like a catchier Lager Lads and sounds of that ilk. Highlights include the anthemic 'WASTED GENERATION' & the first track 'PRIVILEGE PREVAIL'. It's a competent record that would fill space on any diehard's playlist without too many skipped tracks.


Künstler: Bad Assets
Titel: Spirit of Detroit
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release-Datum: 10.04.2012
Etikett: CD Baby
Medienformat: CD
UPC: 879198008682