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Jam 'N' Jive!

Jam 'N' Jive!

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'I love your new CD, WOW! My Mom and I listened to it from start to finish and we were totally impressed. I love the song Millions of Voices. What empowering lyrics for children to absorb! I know young people and adults will appreciate your work! What an awesome CD!' Margaret Jackson, Educator From Tito Uquillas (The Hipwaders): One of my favorite things about being a kids/family music performer is that I get to meet a lot of other like-minded performers. Eric Herman has taken advantage of this and frequently meets and records other performers during his travels. Last year I had the privilege of getting a call from Ava Scofield who records under the name Ava & The Mystic Mangos. Ava told me she found out about me from a young girl that had sang on her previous album who stated that The Hipwaders were her favorite band. Easily swayed by flattery, I quickly agreed to Ava's request to sing on the album she was currently recording. It was the most difficult but thrilling vocal experience I've ever had. I would never consider myself 'singer' but more of a vocal 'stylist' and with that mindset tried to fit my voice to her music. Her music was performed by top-caliber jazz, classical, blues and pop musicians and I understood that I couldn't slack through the recording session. Ava was a great musical director and would ask me to sing phrases a multitude of ways. It really opened my eyes of what I was actually capable of doing with some direction and try to use that experience when I sing now. Ava's album, 'Jam 'n' Jive', covers the world of a child of earth - from the smallest bug to the great Blue Whale. You can check out my goofy vocal contribution on the interactive title track, or a more 'serious' me on my favorite track, 'Sailin' With a Whale'. I love her 'Sowbug' song that goes from gentle nursery rhyme to trip hop and back. The song grooves and grooves hard. The album peaks with a bunch of amazing young singers trading lines on the kid-empowerment song, 'Millions of Voices'. In a world of overly auto-tuned crap like the Jonas Brothers and other you-name-it Disney acts, it's refreshing to hear young talents that can actually sing. Last year you had Elephants In Your Ears and did the Pachyderm Twist. THIS year you can eat pizza with pink bubble gum and do the Hi-5, Lo-5 Jam 'N' Jive with Ava and the Mystic Mangos. Composed, arranged and produced by Ava Scofield With Artwork by Brian Clarke and Jasmine Ojeda Featuring Special Guests: Tito Uquillas of The Hipwaders, Violinist Jeremey Cohen, Singers Shari Bennett-Jackson and Keith Sheppard, Steel Drum player Tom Miller, Saxophonist TomE Politzer from Tower of Power, Flute-player Nika Rejto, Percussionist Michaelle Goerlitz, DJ Saurus, with Harmonica by Jamie Faifua of Jamie Faifua and The Jukes! Plus, Ava and the Mystic Mangos, and of course, The Mangoettes!! Ava and the Mystic Mangos is an ensemble of five accomplished musicians and special guests whose collective experience makes JAM 'N' JIVE a wonderfully-fun CD for young people of all ages. Like "Elephants," JAM 'N' JIVE is a funky eclectic mix of all original songs by Ava Scofield: pop, rock, reggae, hip hop, brazillian-grooved, you name it. JAM 'N' JIVE is an all-ages family-fun CD with sing-a-long songs for folks under 3 ft and for those above. Ava Scofield, accomplished versatile singer/songwriter has packed Elephants In My Ears full with twelve sweet, silly swingin' songs delightful to the ears of children and adults alike. With a beautiful cover by artist Brian Clarke, and equally delightful inside artwork by illustrator Jasmine Ojeda, JAM 'N' JIVE is visually pleasing as well. All the musicians on JAM 'N' JIVE! Have their own wealth of experience: Singer/songwriter Ava Scofield has been composing music and performing since the age of 5. With 3 CDs of original music under her patooka, She's versed in a number of styles of music. She's also been a featured soloist in countless productions and at events. Career highlights include performing with former Metropolitan Opera singer Jerome Hines and learning jazz-singing technique from Bobby McFerrin and the great now-deceased Carl Anderson. She's been teaching music to children and adults for 19 years. Along with being a musician, Ava is currently pursuing a Masters in Speech Language Pathology. Pianist John R. Burr, along with being a Mango, performs with the Grammy-winning Alison Brown Quartet. Bass-player Bill Lanphier recorded on Joanie Bartels "Silly Time" and "Bath Time" and also toured with Madonna on her "Like a Virgin" tour. Sax-player Tom Politzer, guest-artist, is with Tower Of Power. Grammy nominee Jeremy Cohen is a virtuoso violinist. Drummer Bili Turner is a wonderful blues drummer who has played with Albert King, Chuck Berry, Junior Wells and other great artists. Nimble-fingered Guitarist Mark Holzinger also performs with the country-western swing band "Lost Weekend." Acoustic bass-player Ruth Davies played regularly with the late Charles Brown and many other musicians. Michaelle Goerlitz added her skilled conga-playing and percussion to a number of "Jam 'N' Jive" songs. Flute-player Nika Rejto also added her wonderful skilled sound to this CD! And of course, there are the Mangoettes, the very talented children who joined Ava and added their vocal prowess and whimsy to a number of the songs on this delightful CD, including adding their voices to the powerful song, Millions of Voices. We're excited to share Ava and the Mystic Mangos' JAM 'N' JIVE with you!


Künstler: Ava and the Mystic Mangos
Titel: Jam 'N' Jive!
Genre: Children's
Release-Datum: 02.06.2009
Etikett: CD Baby
Medienformat: CD
UPC: 634479966361