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Cosmic Rock

Cosmic Rock

  • Von Aunties
  • Version 04.07.2006
  • Musikgenre Children's
  • Medienformat CD
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If there is a better value children's album out there than this, buy it!!! COSMIC ROCK is a compilation taken from the first 16 Aunties albums. The range of styles and the calibre of the song-writing is astonishing. There is something timeless about this music and even though the tracks were recorded years apart with different line-ups, it fits together seamlessly. In short, this is a bona-fide classic. Other Aunties albums will be available on CD baby later in the year. The Aunties are "world famous in New Zealand", having released 24 albums, been New Zealand's most successful performers-in-schools group and had a hit television series ('Aunties Alphabet'), which was broadcast 16 times, apparently a New Zealand record. CREDITS: Many excellent, well-known Kiwi musicians and singers have appeared on Aunties albums, often using Aunties pseudonyms. Those who appear on COSMIC ROCK tracks are: LEAD VOCALISTS: Auntie Anna - track 17 Auntie Clockwise - tracks 1, 20 Auntie Dottie - track 4 Auntie Emma - tracks 2, 6, 17, 24 Auntie Hazelnut - track 20 Auntie Jean - track 12 Auntie Kev - track 11 Auntie Sheri - track 21 Auntie Stellar - track 7 Auntie Uncle - tracks 3, 6, 9, 10, 13, 16, 19 Doctor Bop - track 5 Dottie - track 22 Madame Salami - tracks 18, 24 Old Kina - track 22 Parson Tui - track 14 Queen Bee - tracks 6, 8, 15 INSTRUMENTS: Alaistair Riddell - guitar, drums Auntie Clockwise - guitar, xylophone, bass Auntie Coromandel - bass Auntie Ella - trumpet Auntie Hugh - clarinet Auntie Uncle - keyboards, drums Babu Chatterjee - tablas Fat Boy - drums, xylophone Fireman Tim - drums Jinja Beer - sax, flute John Buckland - bass John Quigley - drums Kelvin "The Martian" Roy - bass trumpet Kiwi - hi-hat Madame Salami - sax Mr Hooper - drums Parson Tui - violin Peter Koopman - bass Peter Neumegen - guitar Phil Lyons - sax Richard Ghent - flugelhorn Ricky Rooster- sax Ross Hill - guitar Tony Gaballe - guitar BACKING VOCALS: Auntie Anna Auntie Clockwise Auntie Ella Auntie Emma Auntie Grandpa Auntie Hazelnut Auntie Hugh Auntie Jean Auntie Shari Auntie Stellar Edith the Elf Fireman Tim Madame Salami Old Kina Pauline Berry Tracks selected by: Nigel Gavin, Kim Halliday, Arif Usmani and Lynn Usmani Digitally remastered by Steve Garden Cover by Lynn Usmani All lyrics and music by Arif Usmani.


Künstler: Aunties
Titel: Cosmic Rock
Genre: Children's
Release-Datum: 04.07.2006
Etikett: CD Baby
Medienformat: CD
UPC: 634479335495