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Citizens of the World

Citizens of the World

  • Von Augi
  • Version 25.10.2011
  • Musikgenre Rock
  • Medienformat CD
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**REVIEWS, ALBUM CREDITS, BIO, RESUME & LYRICS: "Track #8 Citizens of the World is a MEGA Pop hit and should played Worldwide!" - Cal Bennett 'His Bass Guitar solos are different from Stanley Clarke, Marcus Miller and Victor Wooten. They're all great, but Augi is super melodic & his solos have so many elements. I can't really describe it, so I'll just say he's easily up there with the big boys'. - Al Goodwin (Van Nuys, Ca.) 'Holiday is a Hit, Hit, Hit'! - Kenny Burrell 'I intended on getting 1 or 2 song downloads, but 8 out of 11 songs I love! The CD price is low enough, so I bought it. Damn, I just read the credits - Augi is playing Bass, Conga's, various Percussion, Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals AND wrote / engineered the project....I'm jealous'. Jessie J. (Miami) "Track 5 is off the Hook"! The whole CD is the type that you can just put in and play - no need to skip. You've got a hit on your hands"! - Lanny Ross 'Hey Dwayne, awesome job. You've got a lot more going on than I knew. Great playing, writing, singing. Very cool stuff. It will make my drives to Agape fly by'. - Mitch Forman 'Augi, your music goes deep into the soul - in a variety of styles too. It's very musical and Melodic'. Kim Jackson 'Forget the CD, have you seen this guy Ski? He was one of the National Brotherhood of Skiers (NBS) best Mogul & Giant Slalom Ski Racers for a while (Elite category) ....and rarely went skiing! Natural raw talent. His pics still posted on his website'? - Michael kier - Colorado 'I'm listening and loving the authenticity of your originals' - Zebruno (Brazil) 'I saw his band live at the Riverside Jazz Festival years ago. Too bad they came on first. His was the hottest bad (on a hot summer day!). With that high energy afro-latin jazz band, combined with his great dance moves on the Upright Bass, he should have been the headliner'! - Ralph M. - Promoter "I'm Puerto Rican, and his Salsa Bass playing is my favorite - it's fierce! But he has Soul in EVERY style he plays!! This Brother should be a household name with Bass Players'. - L. Hernandez -Bass Player (NY) 'Thanks Augi for not making another boring, generic Saxophone melody crappy Smooth Jazz CD. They all sound the same. Your songs have depth and variety. I don't have to skip tracks when I play the CD'. - Marco (Italy) 'Where has this guy been hiding? A friend from work turned me on to him. This CD is Top 10 material, but sadly, without a famous name most people will never hear of him. The music is worldly and will probably appeal to all ages. He looks like a nice guy'. - K. Shinohara (Japan) 'Damn, that's you on Steel Drums too'? Once people read the album credits....they will be blown away by AUGI'! Jerry 'Augi (I know him as Dwayne "Bass Man" Augustine ) has played with most Salsa, Jazz, R&B bands in Los Angeles. For a while, every time I looked up on the bandstand - there he was, looking over the charts. I think he preferred being freelance - so he wouldn't get bored with one band / one style. No matter who he was playing with - he shined. Oh, and he's a bad-ass salsa dancer too! Most of us musicians have no rhythm on the floor'. - B. Jones (musician) 'Nice Album cover. I bought because it caught my eye. I lucked up - all the songs are great'! - Kim L. 'Very socially conscious lyrics ne world. The world needs his music. I like his baritone voice too'. Gabriela 'Composer, Producer, Engineer, Multi-instrumentalist and Vocalist. I just knew it would sound lame, but the CD is high quality in every aspect'. - Joe [Recording Engineer] 'Travel the World. I love it! - Kathy B. 'Is it Jazz? Latin? Pop? Not sure what to call it, but it's awesome. - B. Stein 'Burn it Down is Outstanding, Travel the World is a HIT, and Sentimental Heart is the BEST'! - Willie Davis 'Holiday is great Brasil - Samba music'. - Chantel (France) 'Wow, your CD is fabulous'. - Greg W. ALBUM CREDITS: 1. Diapason AUGI- Bass, Keyboards, Vocals, Congas, Guitar,Triangle, Cowbell, Drum Editing & Programming; Joey Heredia- Drums, Mark Massey- Electric Piano Solo 2. Travel the World AUGI- Lead & Background Vocals, Upright Bass, Bass Guitar Solo, Keyboards, Acoustic Guitar, Congas, Egg Maraca, Drum Programming 3. Burn it Down AUGI- Talking voice, Background Vocals, Upright Bass, Keyboards, Congas, Djembe, Chekere, Cowbell, Drum & Horn Programming; Gilberto Torres- Spanish Adlibs, Background Vocals, Flute Scott Martin- Soprano, Alto & Tenor Saxophones 4. As the Day Goes By AUGI - Vocals, Bass, Keyboards, Electric Guitar, Congas, Bongo, Tambourine, Cowbell, Chekere, Egg Maraca, Drum Programming; George Harper- Soprano Sax & Flute 5. Just Do It! AUGI- Bass, Keyboards, Electric Guitar, Congas, Sticks on Shaker, Tambourine, Cowbell, Chekere, Additional Drum, etc. Programming & Editing; Serge Kasimoff- Piano Joey Heredia- Drums 6. Don't Ask Why AUGI - Steel Drums, Bass, Keyboards, Vocals, Electric Guitar, Congas, Additional Drum Programming; Greg Brown- Snare & Hi Hat; Gary Bias- Soprano Sax; Juanito 'Long John' Oliva (R.I.P.) - Bongo 7. Holiday AUGI-Lead & Background Vocals, Bass, Keyboards, Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Congas, Djembe, Shaker, Triangle, Tambourine, Additional Drum Editing & Programming; ZeBruno Eisenberg- Drums; Ray Davis - Background Vocals; Al Daniels- Electric Piano Solo 8. Citizens of the World AUGI- Vocals, Bass, Keyboards, Acoustic Guitar, Congas, Bongo, Djembe,Tambourine, Cowbell, Drum Programming; Louis Van Taylor- Alto Sax Solo 9. Travel the World (Mediterranean Seaside Mix) AUGI- Upright Bass, Keyboards, Acoustic Guitar, Finger Snaps, Congas, Egg Maraca, Drum Programming 10. Sentimental Heart AUGI- Bass, Egg Maraca, Tambourine; George Harper- Soprano Sax 11. Just Do It! (Thought for today) AUGI- Bass, Keyboards, Congas, Sticks on Shaker, Chekere All Songs Composed, Produced, Engineered and Mastered by AUGI (Dwayne Augustine). AUGI World Publishing Copyright 2012 (ASCAP) Photography: Paul Welch Peliminary Graphic Design & Layout: AUGI & Kathy Brinn Final Graphic Design: Kevin Yarbrough Engineered at Harcourt Studio & 'The Dungeon' Studio except: Drums on 'Holiday' recorded at ZeBruno's Studio; Soprano, Alto and Tenor Sax on 'Burn it Down'recorded at Scott Martin Studio; Electric Piano solo on 'Holiday' recorded at Al Daniels Studio. Special Thanks: The creator above, that powerful energy responsible for all life forms. I am so grateful! Thank you Mom & Dad (this is for you), Kathy Brinn, all my family and friends, Agape International Spiritual Center, Rickie & Michael Beckwith, Rolling Hills Covenant Church, Greg Ondo at Cubase, David Barker at West LA Music and all the great musicians in Los Angeles who I have worked with throughout the years. Remember this: We must not allow man's greed & hunger for power destroy this precious earth! Let's all do our part by not being wasteful and help those who can't help themselves - such as those on the 'Motherland' Africa. And, like the lyrics on 'Citizens of the World' states: 'We all are the same - just distant cousins", So Peace to All - One World. Final thought: To all songwriters, singers and rappers - be conscious of your lyrics and what you say on the mic-you have more power to influence young minds than you know. AUGI [This project is dedicated to family & friends who have passed] **BIOGRAPHY BIO FOR "AUGI" (DWAYNE AUGUSTINE) *Please see Resume* - Dwayne Augustine was born and raised in Los Angeles, the middle child of three. - His Grandfather sang Blues and played Guitar; Father sings Jazz - Father bought a guitar for him at the age of 10, heard the sound of the bass at the age of 14 and fell in love instantly!! Finally got his first Bass Guitar at age 16. - By the age of 18 he was playing in garage bands of every style of music (R&B, rock, Pop, Jazz, Latin, Blues, etc.) - In college he aspired to compose, conduct and play in classical orchestras, but did not pick up the Upright Bass until his third year of College. Within three years he became the youngest member in the New American Symphony Orchestra - Always very athletic - played football, etc. In high school. At age 18 he learned how to ski, became in love with the sport, and quickly rose through the ranks to become a top Amateur Ski Racer in Giant Slalom and record holder in mogul competition for the National Brotherhood of Skiers (NBS)....Self Taught! - Although he plays all styles of music, his forte is Afri-Latin Jazz - Dwayne is an excellent salsa dancer and utilizes these skills on stage with his bass - A Musician, Band Leader and DJ for over twenty years. Because of his versatility, he is highly requested by all ethnic groups. He uses world class musicians in his band. He often reminds people about the roots of "Latin" music....mainly created by descendants of African Slaves, using age old percussion rhythms combined with Spanish styles and language as well as other influences such as Classical and Jazz. Mambo, Rumba and Cha Cha Cha from Cuba is a perfect example. - AUGI (Dwayne Augustine) released his Debut CD "Citizens of the World" January 2012. His unique sound actually fits into many categories: Afri-Latin Jazz, Smooth Jazz, World, Funk, Pop, Folk, Dance, Trance, Adult Contemporary and even a touch of classical on track 10. The beautiful six panel CD sells at a price low enough to not even consider buying the impersonal MP3 version, and, once you read the credits you'll soon realize that AUGI is in a class that only few artists ever achieve - Multi Instrumentalist, Vocalist, Composer, Producer, Engineer, etc! *RESUME* 'AUGI' (Dwayne Augustine) Bass Guitar, Upright Bass, Vocalist, Congas I. EDUCATION: Cal State University, Los Angeles B.A. Music Solo Performance 1983 Santa Monica College - Music Ed. And Business Dick Grove School of Music - Harmony III-VI; sight Reading FORMER INSTRUCTORS: Bass Violin/Bass Guitar John Schiavo (L.A. Philharmmonic) 2 yrs Herb Mickman (Jazz) 2 yrs. Ed Willis (Former Bassist with Ray Charles) 2yrs II. RECORDED OR PERFORMED WITH THE FOLLOWING: Quincy Jones, Sarah Vaughn, Horace Silver, Teena Marie, Desiree Coleman, James Ingram, Henry Mancini, Seigfried & Roy Show, Peter Escovedo, Coolio, Ray Charles, Alvaro Torres, Kenny Kirkland, Ruben Blades, O.C. Smith, Leon "Ndugu" Chancelor, New American Orchestra, L.A. Modern String Orchestra, The Platters, Mary Wilson, Ernie Watts, Israel "Cachao" Lopez, The Delfonics, Alex Acuña, Agape Church (House Band), Rolling Hills Church (House Band), And Various Others, III. VIDEO PERFORMANCE: Enrique Iglesias- "Enamorado Por Primero Vez", Stevie Wonder- "Pinocchio", John Mellencamp- "I Saw You ", J.T. Taylor- "Long Hot Summer Night", Blackstreet- "Money Can't Buy You Love", Natalie Cole- "Unforgettable", Miki Howard- "Imagination", Callaway- "I Wanna Be Rich", Michael Bolton - "Soul Provider", Ghostface- "All I've Got is You", Angela Carrasco- "Suspiros" IV. FILMS: Edie Murphy- "Life", Warren Beatty- "Town & Country", Danny Aiello / Ally Sheedy- "The Pickle", HBO: "Lackawanna Blues", John Candy- "Delirious", James Woods - "Stranger Things", Mini Series- "Lady Boss", HBO: "Lansky" V. COMMERCIALS: Gio Perfume by Georgio Armani, Ray Charles for Diet Pepsi ("Uh-Huh"), Sudafed, VI. TELEVISION: "Soul Train" - Monifa, Desiree Coleman & Callaway; Fame LA Murphy Brown, Heroes. SONG LYRICS: *Travel the World* Travel the world, and boy you'll learn so much More than any book can tell. See for yourself how people live, walk the streets and walk in their shoes. ckgd Vocals: learn their history and end the mystery Travel the world, travel the world I go epeat Backpack over my shoulder, I'm traveling light Um, so much to see, and there's beauty all over the world. Singapore, Brazil, Canada, Thailand and more. Take me away I'm ready to go now. Travel the world, travel the world I go epeat La la la la la, la la la la la epeat Sail to the Island, fly to the mainland, on to the next I go epeat La la la la la, la la la la la epeat Travel the world, travel the world I go epeat *Burn it Down* So you want to dance, to a different kind of tune, With an Afri-Latin beat, and a funky U.S. groove. Well test this out, and do what you feel Now everybody get ready - come on, let's burn it down! Burn it Down epeat dlibs - in Spanish dlibs - Like a Djembe drum and the Guinea Ballet. We're gonna burn it down. We want to see you move. Intense; like a Senegal Drum Circle Or, are you Cuban smooth? Got that San Juan Flare? Or just creative and street like the Soul Train line? Come on, let's burn it down! Burn it Down epeat dlibs - in Spanish dlibs - Like a Djembe drum and the Guinea Ballet. We're gonna burn it down. dlibs - in Spanish Burn it Down epeat Let's burn it! *As the Day Goes By* As the day goes by, old man sittin' rockin' On the porch, in the shade - time simmers away Forever amused by people movin' so fast and going nowhere, oh As the day goes by epeat As the day goes by Miss Lady sits and watches from her dusty old chair in a one bar town. She knows everyone's name and where they're going. Notice everything throughout each day. Sun up til sundown - as if for pay. Oh, yeah As the day goes by epeats As this day goes by, I just sit and watch. Rarely get a chance - gotta work for pay. It's a beautiful day; couldn't paint one better. Sipping on a smooth one. Today's my day, oh yes it is now. As the day goes by epeats *Holiday* Ba, ba di da da, ba, ba di da, ba, ba di da da da. Well it feels like a holiday. Manana I don't have to slave. Got nothing to do but play - so let me turn on the music and say Ba, ba di da da, ba, ba di da, ba, ba di da da da. It's too nice of a day to lay, so I called all my friends to play. We gonna eat, drink and dance away. Somebody turn up the music and say Ba, ba di da da, ba, ba di da, ba, ba di da da da. It's too nice of a day to lay, so I called all my friends to play. We gonna eat, drink and dance away. Somebody turn up the music and say. Ba, ba di da da, ba, ba di da, ba, ba di da da da epeats *Citizens of the World* Citizens of the world, let's come together. Put a little love on the table, and pass it around. Citizens of the world, respect the cultures. Don't you know we all are the same - just distant cousins. We've come a long way, and a long way to go, but it seems like we're crawling down a bumpy road. Yeah. Na na na na..... Tell me why, with billions on earth, we let a few turn good relations to dirt. Racists, Anarchists, Distructives. Don't set us back another hundred years. Na na na na..... Citizens of the world, let's come together. Put a little love on the table, and pass it around. Pass it around. Africa, Asia, the Americas, Australia, Europe, and all the other brothers and sisters. Citizens of the world epeats.


Künstler: Augi
Titel: Citizens of the World
Genre: Rock
Release-Datum: 25.10.2011
Etikett: CD Baby
Medienformat: CD
UPC: 884501600378