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Miss Halfway

Miss Halfway

  • Von Anya Marina
  • Version 18.09.2006
  • Musikgenre Rock
  • Medienformat CD
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In 4th grade Anya's teacher told her she needed to learn to 'modulate her shrill voice.' In high school, her father told her that she should probably not attempt to sing - or even speak - professionally, as it was 'a nuisance to others,' and as a young adult, Anya's ear, nose and throat doctor told her flatly that she had the larynx of a 'very young adolescent.' What did this mean for her singing career? 'Well, it's not like you're ever gonna be singing at the Met.' In spite of the aforementioned tales of cruel adversity, Anya, like a Phoenix from the ashes, rose up and out and into a career of rocking the proverbial mic. After a brief stint as an aspiring actress in Los Angeles, Anya decided to move home to the Bay Area and earn a degree in English and Writing. Always dabbling in this and that - acting, musical theatre, music, improv, comedy - Marina struggled like any young artist trying to find her calling. After a series of cosmic events unfurled within few short weeks - a friend insisted she sing in his band, a boyfriend gave her a guitar, she mistakenly ended up stranded in the basement of a college radio station - Anya's musical career took flight. Within months of moving to San Diego for a job as a radio DJ, Anya took a dare and played her first open mic and began writing the songs that would comprise her debut album, Miss Halfway. Marina's stage show quickly became a must-see event, crowds flocking to see her melancholy rendition of 'Someday My Prince Will Come,' juxtaposed with a spot-on impression of her heavily accented Russian mother. For her first release, Exercises In Racketeering (RedRoom Recordings) - a five-song EP showcasing tracks from the full-length - Anya teamed up with good friend Scott Russo (Unwritten Law) and Peter King (The Surfers, Dakoda Motor Co.) on production duties. Miss Halfway is ultimately the result of a whimsical childhood with Russian-Agnostic/ Irish-Catholic parents, a few troublesome boyfriends, and subsequent therapy. The record earned Marina a San Diego Music Award for Best Recording with select tracks ending up on ABC's Grey's Anatomy, as well as the show's upcoming soundtrack, and MTV's The Real World. Anya continues to multitask and win over audiences onstage, on the airwaves (9am-2pm) at FM 94/9 in San Diego, and even on screen in the feature-length comedy '100 Girls,' as the eccentric and trichotolomaniacal eyebrow-plucker, Rhonda. You can find her song, "Miss Halfway" on the latest Grey's Anatomy soundtrack from Hollywood Records.


Künstler: Anya Marina
Titel: Miss Halfway
Genre: Rock
Release-Datum: 18.09.2006
Etikett: CD Baby
Medienformat: CD
UPC: 825346849126