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Trains & Hens

Trains & Hens

  • Von Amy Meyers
  • Version 26.12.2006
  • Musikgenre Children's
  • Medienformat CD
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Amy Meyers is released her 6th CD, TRAINS AND HENS in December 2006. TRAINS AND HENS is a Children's CD featuring 19 traditionals arranged in Amy's pop/rock/folk style that are fun for the both the parents and the kids. Having taught the last 5 years in the Bay Area for the highly acclaimed Mary Ann Hall's Music For Children, parents agree that this CD in long overdue. With 5 previous CD releases of original pop/rock/folk songs, Amy is no stranger to the music scene. Austin, Texas' SARA HICKMANN recently licensed 'GOOD' from Amy's 2004 CD Strange & Beautiful to appear on Sara's latest CD, MOTHERLODE. Motherlode was released in June of 2006 with very favorable reviews and Sara's production of 'Good' is a hit! A hi-light for Amy is that SHAWN COLVIN (a hugely influential singer/songwriter for Amy) appears on the album adding harmony. She beams as she says, 'I never thought I'd be on an album with Shawn Colvin!' As with any artist in this business, though, the road is a long one and Amy reminds herself everyday that it is a process. 'This is just one door,' she says. 'There are many more to open.' She began her journey in her home town of Dallas, Texas where music was a big part of the Meyers family. Her mother, Libby, was an excellent pianist and gained recognition when she was asked to 'fill in' at the last minute as an accompanist for TONY BENNET. As such, both Amy and her sister began piano lessons at an early age. Piano lessons led to voice lessons and writing and performing original songs as well as enjoying many leading roles in local musical theatre. College years were spent majoring in theatre at Northwestern University and adding guitar to her abilities. After deciding that New York (Broadway) was not for her, Amy headed West to California to pursue a career in music. Now 15 years later, after 5 CD releases, hundreds of shows, awards, local and national radio airplay, and continued perseverance, it seems to all be coming together for her. It's not her accomplishments, however that have people talking. Her live performance is where she truly shines. Perhaps it's her theatre training or just her years of experience, but none-the-less, she has an ease and playfulness in performance that is both inviting and entertaining. She can instantly grab your attention with a simple stripped down finger-picking folk song that hi-lights both her voice and melody lines as well as her well-crafted lyrics that speak to the universal in us all. Or, she will get you moving when she rocks out to her groovin' song, 'Good' or her punky driven, 'Over It.' She swings her hips, jumps up and down, and makes bold sweeps with her arm as she strums dramatically to cue the rest of the band for the 'big' ending. This energy is both infectious to the audience as well as her band members. She plays off and jokes with her bandmates throughout the set. Judea Eden and her especially share a synergy that has them jumping up and down together or making up dance moves while Margrit Eichler comments with her keyboard. Add Jeri Jones' soulful, cutting electric guitar (from Blame Sally fame) to the mix and the audience goes wild screaming, 'Jeri Jones!!!!' after every solo. To round it all out, Paul Olguin is a monster on bass and plays with just about every popular artist in town including Shana Morrison and Maria Muldaur. With Joyce Baker on drums or Pam Delgado (also of Blame Sally fame) on percussion, the rhythm section is unbeatable at tastefully driving it home. Whether it's Amy solo, duo, trio, or full band, one thing remains consistent, and that's Amy's energy, passion, and seasoned performance skills. REVIEWS: Publication: Children of the New Earth Reviewer: Kathleen Jacoby Have you got a little kid in your life aged 2 through 6? If so, check out the new CD by Amy Meyers - Trains and Hens. This is a real sing along treat for the little ones, with old favorites that we've all sung when we were growing up. It's hard not to sing along as you hear I've Been Working on the Railroad, or get up and dance to a swinging rendition of Twinkle Twinkle Litle Star. I even found myself going through all the hand movements I learned in Kindergarten when Itsy Bitsy Spider played. Amy and her band have a wonderful fresh approach to a lot of children's favorites, and you can tell that kids of all ages will dance and sing to this delightful album, which includes participation by children and barnyard animal sounds contributed by playful adults. It's obvious that these musicians enjoyed putting the album together, and you can't help but smile as you listen to each song.


Künstler: Amy Meyers
Titel: Trains & Hens
Genre: Children's
Release-Datum: 26.12.2006
Etikett: CD Baby
Medienformat: CD
UPC: 837101275217