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Ami Aloni: Tribute from a New Generation /  Various

Ami Aloni: Tribute from a New Generation / Various

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????? ????? ????? ????? May the Old Be Renewed and the New Be Sanctified (Rav Kook) The music of Ami Aloni is known and loved by Jewish musicians, performers and congregations throughout the land. In his time, he was writing the new music of the day. The power of Ami's music is attributable to an unusual blending of talents. He was a superb classical pianist, teacher, musicologist, a prolific musical comedy composer, a remarkably creative jazz artist and a highly skilled arranger. The complex beauty of his Jewish compositions was guided by his familiarity with the sacred texts and his devotion to Hebrew literature: classic and modern, prose and poetry. His compositions for musical theater were subtly crafted to tell the story with music. His moving English lyrics reflect his gift of language even beyond his native tongue. All of this emerged in his impeccable, daring and sometimes outrageous writing, full of light, wit, dance and poignancy. Now, the leading artists on today's Jewish music scene have joined to record a new compact disc, "Ami Aloni - A Tribute for a New Generation" reinterpreting some of his favorite songs in contemporary sounds. Here's some information about the tracks: 1 and 15 - Don't Ask Me to Leave You - the only ones in English. The famous declaration of loyalty and love from Ruth to her mother-in-law Naomi - from "Ruth" 2 Avinu Shebashamayim - Our Father in Heaven - a prayer for the State of Israel - 3 Shalom Rav - Abundant peace - from the afternoon and evening silent devotional prayers 4 Refaeynu - A prayer for healing - Heal us - from the daily silent devotional prayers 5 Hodo Al Erets - His glory is in the Earth - from "Aleynu Leshabeyach, A Jazz Service" 6 Adonai, Adonai - Lord, O Lord - from "Torah Service" 7 Eitz Chayim Hi - It is a living tree - from "Torah Service" 8 Pitchu Li - Open to me the gates of righteousness - from "Hallel" 9 Ahavat Olam - With everlasting love - from the High Holyday evening service 10 Mi Chamocha - Who is like unto Thee - from "Aleynu Leshabeyach, A Jazz Service" 11 Mikimi - God lifts up the poor - from "Hallel" 12 Hodu Ladonai Ki Tov - Praise God for He is good - from "Hallel" 13 Modim - We thank you, God - from the silent devotional prayers 14 V'shamru - The people Israel shall observe the Sabbath - from "Thirteen Madrigals" ABOUT AMINADAV ALONI, 1928-1999 An accomplished classical and jazz pianist, musical theater composer and arranger, Aminadav Aloni was, above all, a prolific synagogue composer who created Jewish sacred musical works of distinction. The uniqueness of these compositions is guided by his familiarity with sacred texts, his devotion to classic and modern Hebrew literature, prose and poetry, and his love for contemporary Israeli and Broadway idioms. Born in Tel Aviv, Aloni came to the United States in 1945 to study piano, theory, composition and conducting at Los Angeles City College. He was later accepted to the Juilliard School and moved to New York to pursue advanced piano studies. Returning to Los Angeles, he taught piano, performed in jazz clubs and improvised accompaniments for the dance companies of two of LA's most noted choreographers: Bella Lewitzky and Gloria Newman (the former Martha Graham dancer). In 1966 Hazzan Samuel Fordis, cantor of Valley Beth Shalom Synagogue, invited Aloni to accompany worship services. Eventually this led to his appointment as choir director and composer-in-residence, a role he held for almost thirty years. The creation and performance of Aloni's Chassidic Sabbath Service, Hallel, Yizkor, Torah Service, Ruth, Koheleth, Aleinu Leshabeyach - A Jazz Service, and Or HaAm (Eight Lights - for large orchestra, soloists and chorus) in addition to individual compositions for the Sabbath and High Holidays, sprang from this key period in his composing career. In 1970 he began studying musical theater with Lehman Engel in the ASCAP Musical Theatre Workshop and co-authored nine complete musicals, several on biblical themes. Aloni's theatrical lyricism can also be heard in many of the melodies that he composed for synagogue prayer text settings as well. During this time, he composed numerous scores for both cinema and television. From his diagnosis with a terminal illness in 1994 until his death in 1999, Aloni entered a period of prodigious creativity during which he completed Songs From Home (a Friday evening service in the Israeli style), Ta'amei Sepharad, (a Friday evening service in the Sephardic/Spanish style), Mussaf l'Shabbat (additional service for a Sabbath morning), a Selichot service, a High Holiday Kedushah, Consolations of Isaiah, and numerous art songs and individual liturgical pieces. Ami Aloni was one of the key inspirational forces which led to the establishment of the Jewish Music Commission of Los Angeles, founded in 1982. To quote Rabbi Harold M. Schulweis, "Ami's immortality of influence is inextricably bound up with his music, music that has already penetrated the life of many synagogues and which is destined to inspire future generations". This album, beautifully produced by Sam Glaser, reveals just a hint at the scope of his oeuvre. Hopefully, it will keep the music of Aminadav Aloni alive for future generations to enjoy.


Künstler: Various Artists
Titel: Ami Aloni: Tribute from a New Generation / Various
Genre: Christian
Release-Datum: 18.09.2012
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