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Aluminum Babe

Aluminum Babe

  • Von Aluminum Babe
  • Version 24.06.2003
  • Musikgenre Rock
  • Medienformat CD
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What do Alice Cooper, The Sex Pistols and Swedish kids songs have in common? Ask the 'babe' in Aluminum Babe, Anna, who drew her musical inspiration from these elements in her hometown environment in Stockholm, Sweden. Her band is bi-continental, and is making it's mark on New York City and Sweden with it's aggressive punk rock that's buttered up with coy pop edges. Simple, direct and passionate, Aluminum Babe's songs and no-bullshit spirit breathe life into the punk rock genre like it hasn't seen since the original days of the Ramones and early Blondie. Declares the New York Press, 'Finally someone combines bubble pop hooks with raw punk power without sounding like anyone else'. Aluminum Babe was born in 2001 in New York City when the captivating Swedish punk singer Anna found magnetic musical synergy with bassist Jorge. The band recorded their debut EP 'Aluminum Babe' at Mother West Studios in NYC in the summer of 2002. Their self-titled EP contains a rich repertoire of catchy gems such as 'Oh Yeah ', 'Billy ' and 'Y u so mean', which spin universals of romance and loneliness flat on their faces, smiling with irony all the while. Aluminum Babe finished off a busy 2002 playing the New York City area and executing an enthusiastically received tour to Sweden, which included a featured appearance at the internationally renowned Popcorn Film Festival. 'Aluminum Babe' the EP was released on Mother West Records in the may of 2003. With the addition of Drummer - Darren and guitarist - Joseph, the group dove into the NYC clubs, developing a blend of Disco-Punk focused on high energy and originality of sound. Playing everywhere from The Mercury Lounge to Meow Mix, Aluminum Babe developed an extatic fan base in and around New York. In November of 2003 Aluminum Babe made their way to the U.K for a non-stop party which took them from the grand old pub, The Victoria in Oxford, with the legendary The sNaGs and local heros and pub-crawl pals OffTheRadar, to a sold out show at The Rising Sun Arts center with Yumi Yumi - Japan. Leaving not a dull moment for the momentum to slow, Aluminum Babe will release their full length in the spring of 2004. Stay tuned to the band The New York Press called 'An instant classic'


Künstler: Aluminum Babe
Titel: Aluminum Babe
Genre: Rock
Release-Datum: 24.06.2003
Etikett: CD Baby
Medienformat: CD
UPC: 614022005822