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  • Von Alpcologne
  • Version 23.11.2010
  • Musikgenre International
  • Medienformat CD
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Preis 12,05 €


What these four musical all-rounders create using their imaginations and instruments is almost unbelievable: a kaleidoscope of diverse musical styles, a balancing act of seriousness, melancholy and wit. And the boldness with which they approach pop-historical "monuments" is almost shocking. But only almost: Because it all sounds so original, so incredibly entertaining and so excitingly varied. The listener is taken fully by surprise and becomes amazed by the sounds floating into his/her ears. One recognizes fragments of Middle Eastern melodies in "Dance of the Nightingale" and wonders if German jazz legend Albert Mangelsdorff was on hand for "Albert in the Now." "Marlar's March" brings childhood memories of "The Jungle Book" to mind - letting elephants traipse through the room. And the newly-invented alphorn-beatboxing makes Tito Puente's "Oye Como Va" shine in a whole new light. The song "Vuvuzela Kuduzela" doesn't attempt to answer the question of whether or not vuvuzelas - the plastic horns that became world famous during the World Football Cup 2010 - can drive you crazy. But one thing is for sure: the listener hears the original sound of a kudu antelope horn in this song. All that and more - with just three 4-meter-long "primordial" instruments and an expressive female voice. Alpcologne: 3 alphorns and vocals. - The concept of the band arises from it's unusual instrumentation. Alpcologne relies on the notes of the natural harmonic series - the only notes that can be played on an alphorn - to create the rhythms, melodies and harmonies of it's compositions. Combined with the expressiveness and melodic flexibility of Italo-American vocalist Victoria Riccio's voice, Alpcologne creates multifaceted world music - with jazz elements, Middle-Eastern, Alpine, Latin and folk sounds, Balkan 5/4 grooves, and even Alphorn beatboxing. - Alpcologne is the only band worldwide to give full concerts with just 3 alphorns and vocals.


Künstler: Alpcologne
Titel: Alpsolut
Genre: International
Release-Datum: 23.11.2010
Etikett: CD Baby
Medienformat: CD
UPC: 4047179515726