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Pipe Dreams

Pipe Dreams

  • Von Alien Canopy
  • Version 10.04.2001
  • Musikgenre Rock
  • Medienformat CD
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Produkt-Hinweise writes: Alien Canopy. This band incredibly combines yesterday, today and tomorrow for one of the most sincere albums we've heard. Some songs are great 'almost 50's retro' while others 'blast' into the year 2010! Everyone in this band has real chops. The singing is great, the guitarist is superb, drums and bass are perfection. We 'suspect' that somehow Jimi Hendrix, Santana and Jimmy Page collaborated here to write this album-that's how good it is! writes: Alien Canopy is a psychedelic rock band with a great many influences from the modern music realm. Everything from the music to the vocals to the songwriting is very well throughout and arranged on this album. The vocals are the one thing that seemed to leap out at me. There is something so soothing about them. I can't imagine any other voice fitting this music any better. The musicianship is also a quality that gives the songs a little extra flavor. The musicians are all well seasoned and always on the mark. The mainstream potential for this music may not be all that, but I can see a future for music of this style. The songwriting combines deep thoughts and real life experiences that give the band that artistic vibe. This is definitely a band that can find alot of respect within the realms of their genre. Music fans of the psychedelic/retro rock genres are sure to love this band. There's even a gothic pop/rock vibe that is subtle, but definitely alluring. Michael Allison Aiding & Abetting: Undergroung Music Review writes: Some cool jangle prog. The rhythm section is solidly in the roots/groove kinda are, but the lead guitar and sound are much more technical. The more I hear of this kind of mixture, the more I like it. Certainly, it makes sense. A kind of fusion, really, the merging of two decidedly distinct branches of rock and roll. These boys can play, and even though all the songs clock in at less than four minutes long, they often take their time getting to the point. A very cool form of construction. Easy-going and yet rigorous at the same time. With some solid hooks. Plenty of ways to latch on to the sound without alienating a lot of folks. That's much harder to accomplish than it sounds. Basically, Alien Canopy presents a fresh sound that challenges without annoying. I'm impressed. I think I'll burrow back into the music for a while. Jon Worley writes: Pipe Dreams is the debut CD from Long Island, NY-based band Alien Canopy. The four musicians of Alien Canopy have been busy in their music careers playing gigs and doing studio work. Alien Canopy describe themselves as a psychedelic retro/rock band that blends the great sounds of the 60s and 70s. They cite many musical influences to create their own unique sound. Pipe Dreams has catchy beats, spacey guitars, bold bass lines and precise percussion. Vocals, provided by lead-singer Alex Cuozzo, are solid throughout this well-arranged 12-song CD. Noteworthy tracks are 'Never Gonna Change' with it's funky groove and hook line, '24/7' with it's solid baselines and 'Ill-fated Planet' with it's interesting instrumentation. Overall, Pipe Dreams has a groovy, fun sound that should appeal to a wide range of listeners. Recommended Tracks: (4,7,8) [USA, NY 2000] (Review by Laura Turner Lynch for Alien Canopy has been playing to standing room only crowds in the Long Island metropolitan area since February 2001. Check out the web site for future gig dates and merchandise. The CD 'Pipe Dreams' has been selling internationally as well: Australia, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Italy, & Poland.


Künstler: Alien Canopy
Titel: Pipe Dreams
Genre: Rock
Release-Datum: 10.04.2001
Etikett: CD Baby
Medienformat: CD
UPC: 661641777722