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Winds of Change

Winds of Change

  • Von Airborne
  • Version 29.07.2008
  • Musikgenre Jazz
  • Medienformat CD
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Airborne - Winds of Change CD - Contemporary Jazz / Smooth Jazz & Vocals / World Music Wings of Change is the 6th CD from the contemporary jazz group Airborne. Released in 2008 on Tilt Records. Airborne the "Musical Peacemakers" of Contemporary Jazz sends out a Inspirational Message of Hope The "Winds of Change" CD came out at an unsettled time in history. Wartime, a world in turmoil, and people making decisions based on fear. The title, compositions, and even the emotion of this project show our concern on all these matters of importance. We are musicians, but with deep humanitarian thoughts. The world needs to change and to take action. But we must be unified first. We hope you enjoy our this music and that it helps in the cause. Be Well, Be Happy, and really enjoy Life. But remember to Reach out your hand and ride the Winds of Change ' Winds of Change ' is the 6th CD from Airborne, the multi-cultural contemporary jazz group from New Haven CT USA. Airborne the proclaimed "Musical Peacemakers" of contemporary jazz are focusing their talents in a harmonious atmosphere for change. Their music transfigures a spirit of love and compassion for our fellow brothers and sisters. Echo's a message to humanity that it is time to turn the page for the sake of our future generations. The world is finally traveling on the winds of change. Many discoveries and efforts have been made to make us all aware of the dangers that peril our planet and it's children. Many wonderful people have already dedicated their lives for this important change. But their deeds must have everyone's support, help, and blessing. Projects for Global Warming, Hunger, Natural Disasters, New Energy Resources, and Economical Distress have been created. All these concerns and factors have stressed our earth to it's boiling point. The time is now for change and to take action. Without prejudice we must all stand together to achieve peace and global unity to take on these most difficult tasks. We must reach out our hands to the world. We can make this earth a better place to live. No matter what faith, race, color, or wealth you have. We are all children of this world. Help save our planet and it's children! Reach out your hand and ride the Winds of Change! Bio Airborne is a multi-cultural Contemporary Jazz group based from New Haven, CT USA. Formed in 1980's these veterans of jazz celebrate years of recordings, jazz festivals, concerts, and clubs. The members have toured Europe, Japan and across the USA. Airborne has many successful CD's and has received worldwide airplay and international acclaim. Airborne the proclaimed 'Musical Peacemakers' of Contemporary Jazz sends out an Inspirational Message of Hope to the World. Airborne has a beautiful trademark jazz sound of Island Passion and Urban Emotion. The band's hot rhythms smoothly cruise on a cool sea of music and voices. "Real jazz by artists of integrity, whose inspiration and imagination capture your thoughts with music with a cause." Joyful Jazz with A Message! "Airborne gives one hope that contemporary jazz is still alive" "A pleasant offering to jazz lovers who reach out for new expressions" "One has to admire Airborne, a veteran jazz band that has made inroads into the hearts of jazz fans across the world over the years. They are a supercharged carnival of musicians that add a much needed dose of global adventure to jazz." "Airborne's musical recipe takes a can of straight ahead jazz with Caribbean and Latino influences. Pour in a few tablespoons of jazz fusion and a heaping cup of urban street funk. Then cook all ingredients with pure technical talent till it gets boiling hot." High Energy Contemporary Jazz. Extremely original, intensely creative, great compositions embraced with wonderful arrangements. Multi-faceted the band bodes well for the media and in-person venues with powerful, exciting and motivating live performances. "A group that really epitomizes the concept of a band and takes you onboard a magical and whirling musical journey packed with sincerity, emotion and flawless execution" Airborne was awarded a Merit of Honor by the World Peace Organization for Excellence in World Music and as Humanitarians. Airborne has set up a Non-Profit Cause called, Musicians - Humanitarians - Peacemakers to help in the fight against Hunger and all donations and portion of CD sales go to Food for the Poor. Airborne is the Music and Message of Today! As Performing Artists, Recording Artists, Educators, and as Humanitarians the band's quality of excellence and compassion has kept them on the road to success. Airborne - Tilt Records Recording Artists - Contemporary Jazz / Smooth Jazz & Vocals / World Music.


Künstler: Airborne
Titel: Winds of Change
Genre: Jazz
Release-Datum: 29.07.2008
Etikett: CD Baby
Medienformat: CD
UPC: 884501013390