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Agents of Karma

Agents of Karma

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What's Karma got to do with it? Good question, I suppose if you're a believer in such things, Karma has everything to do with it. The Urban Dictionary defines an Agent of Karma as; omeone who is sick of waiting for others to get what is coming to them, and by becoming an 'Agent of Karma', they then bring the consequences upon the other person themselves. Classification as the 'Agent of Karma' makes it so that you are then not eligible for any bad karma to then be returned onto you. I guess you can say that this band has decided not to wait for others to create the kind of Rock they want to hear! The band name Agents of Karma has a life of it's own, and the fortuitous acronym A.O.K. was a happy accident. Agents of Karma rose from the ashes of Jay Cavanaugh and Conrad Sparnroft's former association as members of the alternative band Gray Zone. After years apart, Conrad exploring other bands and Jay exploring stage and film acting, they embarked on a new project. And like rebellion fomenting in the belly, the ferocity of their new sound could not be contained. So AOK stormed the Bastille and released the music to the people. Along with the Rock solid drumming, percussion, vocals and sampling of Patrick Conlon the man for all seasons, AOK is a force of nature. Three refugee's from the pigeon hole prison where sounding like everyone else is the norm. A squad of escape artists from the confines of Tribute band hell, manipulating the straight jacket of conformity while dunked in the water's of mediocrity. Man, it ain't easy being Houdini, Nikola Tesla + Buckminster Fuller all rolled into one ball of high energy plasma, but it sure is fun. Agents of Karma is hard edged, but inquisitive and politically aware at the same time. It's music ebbs n flows like morning and evening tides. The Yin and Yang of give and take are always present, they support each other and give space. But when it's time to join together and bring it home they're like an insane cab driver getting you to the airport with seconds to spare. AOK, are the Zen Tricksters of musical plagiarism as a form of compliment. Which, might explain why AOK gets compared to many diverse recording artists. That's because AOK is retro with respect. A combination of Street Wise Irony, Spirituality, Sex, Relationships + Politics. And like the urban cowboys they are, these 3 unsung hero's will drive off into the sunset (Most likely Route 80 West) in search of an answer to the ultimate musical question. (Why do we play?) IE: To find out you have to come to a gig :)


Künstler: Agents of Karma
Titel: Agents of Karma
Genre: Rock
Release-Datum: 10.07.2007
Etikett: CD Baby
Medienformat: CD
UPC: 837101364959