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Save Some World for Me

Save Some World for Me

  • Von Adero Neely
  • Version 30.08.2005
  • Musikgenre Soul/R & B
  • Medienformat CD
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EVERY 30 YEARS A SPECIAL KID COMES ALONG: Adero is the One. So just CALL ME 'ADERO' ACTOR, SINGER, DANCER, MODEL, MUSICIAN PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS: Height: 4. 11 Weight: 100 lbs Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown MEASUREMENTS: Size: 12-14 Chest: 31 Shoulder: 17 Waist: 30 Sleeve: 19 Inseam: 10 ½ Head: 22 ½ Out seam: 35 Neckline: 14 AN INSIDE PROFILE OF 'ADERO': Just call me 'Adero'. It means the 'giver of life'. I was born at Northwestern Hospital in Chicago Illinois. Prior to my birth my mother would play classical music and place the microphone on her stomach. I think she tuned me on to the beauty of music before I was born. When I was about 4 years old, my parents would take me to jazz concerts. I would always end up on stage. Sometimes I would just dance my way on stage and other times musicians would invite me onto the stage. I studied judo from 5 to 7 years of age and began playing the violin at the age of Eight. I told my father that I wanted to learn the piano and guitar rather than the violin and he was very accommodating. One day in April 2004, I was sitting in my room relaxing and singing a song. My father came into my room and asked me if I heard a radio playing. I said 'No Daddy, I don't hear a radio'. I soon began to relax and sing again. My father entered my room on two other separate occasions and asked the same question and I gave the same answer. Suddenly, my father entered my room and said Adero you have a beautiful voice. The next day he began making telephone calls in search for a voice coach for me, a process that took several weeks.But to understand what happened next and how my career is quickly developing you have to understand my parents who are dedicated to developing my talents and exposing me to the world. My father asked me, 'Adero, what do you want to be when you grow up', and I told him that I want to be 'a star now'. He replied, 'Son, if that will make you happy, I promise to make you a star if you promise always to have fun. On June 25, 2005, WVON Radio 1450 will host a pre-single release breakfast party for me in Chicago, Illinois. We expect at least 2000 people to attend. I hope to see at least 1000 kids in my age range. It is a family affair that will be held at Kennedy King College in the International Room. Kennedy King College is located on 6600 South Wentworth. Doors open at 8:00 am. My performance begins at 10:00 am. I'm looking forward to performing with my new band. I will do a medley of cover songs and then I will perform my new hit single titled 'Save Some World for me'. This is a special song because I have dedicated it to all the children of the world wherever they may live. It is an environmentally conscious song. I am having fun making other people feel good when they hear me sing. My first hit single is titled 'Save Some World for Me', followed by the release of my album in late 2005. There are many people collaborating around me. My father is a successful Chicago lawyer. He has pulled together a team consisting of a publicist, a marketing director, producers and songwriters, background vocalists, a voice coach, a guitar instructor, a piano instructor, a performance coach, a videographer, a marketing consultant, a band, a designer and a studio that I really like. Every day the professional and grassroots' support is emerging around me. Our company, called N Dahoz Entertainment consist of me as the president, my mother is the CEO and my father is the chairman of the board. Collectively, there are about 20 people working with us to launch my career. For a kid this is great. I love to sing, especially about things I can relate too. I would like to grow up in a world filled with trees, flowers clean air and clear water. I do not want to see the glaziers melt and I do not want to see the polar bears disappear. I think I speak for all the children in the world when I sing Save Some World for Me. On a less serious note, I love to play my X Box and play station. However, as you know there are some serious parental regulations that come with these games. I have learned that playing my games on the X box and play station is a privilege and not a right. So I eat my vegetables, brush and floss all my teeth and complete my homework assignments on time. This may earn me extra hours with my games on a weekend spot. Some of my other favorites include: Favorite Song: My band by Eminem Favorite Artists: Eminem, Busta Rhymes and Woo tang Clan Favorite Foods/Drinks: Chinese food, Coca-Cola and Pepsi Favorite Cartoons: Adventures of Billy and Mandy Favorite Play station Games: Grand Theft Auto Favorite Xbox Games: Stars Wars Knights of the Republic Favorite Color: Orange Favorite Sport Teams: Lakers and Pistons Favorite Actor: Will Smith Favorite Actress: Eva Mendez (from Hitch) Places I've Been: Jamaica/St Martin/Hawaii, Florida, and Washington DC to name a few. Favorite Restaurants/Food Places: Benihana Favorite Comedians(s) Dave Chappell Favorite Movies: Star Wars Episode III-Revenge of the Sith ( and ) Blade Trinity THE MOST FREQUENT COMMENTS: Kid should always get to play and have fun. You are going to be a star. THE MOST FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION: Did I see you on TV?


Künstler: Adero Neely
Titel: Save Some World for Me
Genre: Soul/R & B
Release-Datum: 30.08.2005
Etikett: CD Baby
Medienformat: CD
UPC: 837101062770